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If you are an independent sports bookmaker then you probably already know just how important a quality pay per head service is when it comes to running the day-to-day administrative end of the business.

ads-life-300x250-1.gif has been helping independent bookmaking agents just like yourself for close two decades now and over all that time They have grown to become one of the leading PPH service in the sports betting industry today.

While it may sound like an overused sales pitch, if you have tried the rest why not try the best when it comes to getting the right online sportsbook management solutions  that can turn your bookmaking operation into a business venture that is built to return a solid profit on a long-term basis. has invested a substantial amount of financial resources to building and developing an operating system that runs with a high level of database redundancy. This works to virtually eliminate the costly downtime that can eat right into your business’s bottom line. You cannot afford to have any of your customers take their action somewhere else because your PPH service was down and you can rest assured that with handling things that will never be the case.

"We have also spared no expense to employ the best customer service team in the PPH industry in our world class call center," tells  "Our representatives are all experts in the sports betting field and best of all they all know how to work with an American customer base so you will never have to worry about potential communication gaps when it comes to processing transactions." 

8 Solutions Sportsbook Management Software

A Full-Service Software Management Solution Should Include the Following:

  1. Fully integrated player balance which allows them to access all products – sportsbook, casino, horse racing– without the need to transfer funds.
  2. 24/7 online access to up-to-date odds, and betting options from any devise regardless of its operating system – IOS, Android, Windows, etc.-
  3. Support a variety of sports, including alternative lines, futures, props, and live betting.
  4. Custom build odds for your players which you can manage remotely from any device.
  5. Track all your player’s bets across multiple betting channels (Racebook, sportsbook, casino).
  6. Data security, all transactions should take place in a safe environment to protect you and your players.
  7. Provide up-to-the-minute reports on a variety of items including player balances, settlement reports, active/inactive accounts, end-of-week reports, player action reports, and more.
  8. Bet Tracker, this feature allows you to see incoming bets from your players in real-time, it will display the type of wager, sporting event, and amount with a time stamp.

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Bookie Pay Per Head Demo

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