Important Online Bookie Business Mistakes to Avoid

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Often bettors forget that their online bookie is running a business. Bettors forgetting this fact isn’t such a big deal. But if the online bookie forgets this fact, disaster can strike.

That’s why it’s important for bookmakers to remember the 3 golden rules listed below.

3 Golden Rules That Online Bookies Cannot Forget

1. Find the Right Pay Per Head Partner 

This is at the top of the list for a reason. Although it takes time to find the right per head partner, in the long run, it’s well worth it for bookies to do so.

Per head partners add tools and information to a bookmaker that takes the bookmarker off the island.

The island is that scary place where bookmakers use excel files and take wagers over the phone.

Reputable pay per head companies, like, have been created by former bookies.

Online bookies will benefit from this premium software by having the right tools that they need to run a successful bookmaking business. 

Currently PayPerHead’s premium software solution is half price at only $6.50 per head, now is the time to have the right per head service on your team.

2. Set Max Betting Limits on Future Prop Bets offer certain tools that make it easy for bookmakers to set max betting limits on all their players at once.

Setting max betting limits on future prop bets, for example, the team to win Super Bowl 51, is essential to making profit as an online bookie.

Any sharps betting through an online bookies’ business is going to look for an opportunity to make a huge score.

For example, the New England Patriots were at +300 to win the Super Bowl before the season started. Once Tom Brady accepted the 4-game suspension, the odds on the Patriots rose to +800.

At $100, +800 isn’t bad. But what if a sharp had put $1,000 onto the Patriots at +800.

The bookie that accepted that wager might be nervous now of the season since the Patriots are at less than even money to win the Super Bowl.

3. Disallow Certain Games into Parlay and Teaser Bets

Online sportsbooks do this right now. Online bookies should follow suit. There are certain games that sports bettors use to raise payouts for parlay and teaser bets.

Disallowing some of these games from being a part of any parlay or teaser bet is a good way for a bookmaker to continue to profit.

It all starts with finding the correct per head partner. was created by former bookmakers.

They understand what’s needed for an online bookie to be profitable in today’s bookmaking business.

PayPerHead’s current price for their premium service is only $6.50 per head. Online bookies should take advantage of this deal and start growing their books today.

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