iGaming Super Show: ‘Gambling One of Largest Segments for Bitcoin’

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C Costigan
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Speaking during a Thursday session at the iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam, CEO of Jamworx Marc Kinesberg sung the praises of crypto-currency Bitcoin.

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“Gambling is one of the largest market segments for bitcoin and over $1bn has already been spent,” he told the crowd, noting that Bitcoin accounts for some 90 percent of all anonymous digital currency transactions today.

The single most popular online games for Bitcoin gamblers: Dice, followed by casino.

On the negative side, the currency can be volatile and double spend sometimes occurs, where a bitcoin is spent on two different sites at the same time, though chargebacks are minimal as compared with traditional credit card transactions.

Kinnesberg said that online gaming operators should properly research bitcoin before getting involved, but that it was definitely a good bet.

The iGaming Super Show is popular among operators and affiliates as well as software providers to the Internet gambling sector.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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