ICYMI—Wins & Losses for Bookies During The World Cup Opening Weekend

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Opening weekend of the 2018 World Cup is in the books. Which matches turned into bookie wins, which matches sent some bookies crying in the corner?

Keep reading to find out!

If they didn’t protect their profits.First, we highlight the bookie wins. Then, we discuss the World Cup upsets that might have led to massive bookie losses—

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World Cup Opening Weekend Bookie Wins

Saudi Arabia 17/2 vs Russia 4/9

Russia dominated Saudi Arabia 5 to 0. When favorites win, bookies don’t take massive losses. The reason is because they don’t have to pay out on big odds.

Uruguay 1/2 vs Egypt 8/1

Uruguay beat Egypt 1 to 0. That’s another win for online bookies. At 8/1, Egypt could have squashed the books with an upset victory over Uruguay.

Australia 9/2 vs France 1/4

The French beat the Australians 1 to 0. That followed the pay per head agent script.

Nigeria 11/2 vs. Croatia 13/20

Croatia easily beat Nigeria 2 to 0

Serbia 12/19 vs Costa Rica 57/13

Serbia won 1 to 0.

World Cup Opening Weekend Bookie Losses

Iran 31/10 vs Morocco 23/20

Iran was a much bigger dog than Morocco. The Iranians beat the Moroccans 1 to 0. That means bookies took it in the shorts on this match. There was no way for bookies to feel good about this match although if Morocco had won, things might have been better.

Spain 18/17 vs Portugal 47/14

The Spanish were big favorites to put a beating onto Portugal. Portugal didn’t relent. They didn’t win, but they didn’t give up, forcing a draw at 25/11.

Those who had bet on the draw cashed out.

There’s a good chance the draw garnered more bets than it usually would because Ronaldo plays for Portugal.

Iceland 10/1 vs Argentina 1/3

Iceland almost pulled off the upset. Then, Argentina almost beat Iceland. The match finished 1 to 1. We’re making this a loss for bookies due to the 9/2 payouts.

Switzerland 7/1 vs Brazil 5/11

The Swiss forced a draw. The draw, amazingly, ended up at 33/10. Switzerland could have beaten Brazil straight up. That would have made pay per head agents cry for sure.

Germany 9/19 vs Mexico 103/19

Are you serious? Mexico’s win is one of the biggest World Cup upsets in World Cup history. That’s what online bookies asked themselves after Mexico upset Germany 1 to 0.

Any online bookies that didn’t set schedule limit overrides or didn’t pull this wager and accepted action on the Germans took a huge loss.

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