How Pay Per Head Agents Determine Scam PPH Software

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Pay per head companies have popped up all over the place. There are a lot of per head companies that aren’t necessarily out to create a long-lasting business model.

These companies are designed to scam future online bookies from their hard-earned dollars.

How do agents know what per head companies are legit and the ones that aren’t?

Best PPH Software Makes Realistic Claims

The best per head companies, the ones that offer the best PPH software, make realistic claims.

An unrealistic claim describes how rich bookmakers will get if they use that company’s software instead of a competitor’s software.

The reason such a claim is unrealistic is because no matter the quality of the software, there’s a point where the success of any online bookie business is dependent on the online bookie.

Best Per Head Software Provides Management Tools

The very best per head software provides business management tools.

Multiple reports and tools that allow bookmakers to increase action. And tools that provide per head agents ways to make payouts and collect payment are all business management tools.

Check out a list of some business management tools:

  • Layoff account
  • Schedule limit overrides
  • Settle Alert
  • Line mover

Line movers are usually offered via premier software packages. That’s another way to make sure that the per head company isn’t offering devalued software.

Line movers are premium tools. What it means is that legit pay per head companies only offer the line mover as a part of their premium package.

Pay Per Head Software that Understands Bookies Are Legit

All per head software should come from the perspective of a PPH company providing services to online bookies.

What that means is that the very best per head software knows that bookmaking is a service business.

Professional bookmakers provide a service to pro bettors and casual bettors. The service provided allows those pro bettors and casual bettors to make wagers on sporting events, horse races, and in an online casino.

All per head software should help bookmakers increase their revenue and profit by providing services that make it easier for those bookmakers to build their businesses.

That’s the key. If an online bookie business has tools via PPH software that help them build their businesses, the software isn’t scam software.

There is no such thing as a profitable turn-key business. To make profit, every business in every industry requires hard work. The very best per head software allows online bookies to be more efficient at working hard.

Do You Have The Right Pay Per Head Software?

After reading what the best PPH software can provide, and the difference between that and a scam, online bookies need to ask themselves one question:

“Do I have the best per head software?”

If online bookies can’t answer that question, or their answer is “no” - they need to upgrade their per head software. is the industry leading sportsbook management software. They’ve been in the business for nearly 20 years and know how to help online bookies make more cash.

Right now they’re offering their Prime Package for just $3 per head. That’s the best premium PPH software for only $3 per head.

All per head agents need to do is become a PayPerHead agent and call-in to speak to a rep today. They’ll set them up with their $3 per head deal and can assist with any other questions about their tools and features.

PPH agents need to stop wasting their money with other softwares. Get with a legit per head provider and see why pay per head agents make more cash with

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