How To Keep Your Bookie Business Busy In The ‘Quiet’ Period

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Many bookies consider this time of year to be what is known as the quiet season, and it is unfortunate but some almost go into a semi-hibernation period during this time. However, there are many different ways that e-book you can make great profits during this time.

Most consider the quiet period to be during the off-season for the NFL however this year represents great opportunities for bookies and pay per head agents to capitalise and keep interest in their services high during this time.

This year sees the return of the FIFA World Cup and although the USA did not qualify for the final rounds it they will not dissuade many people in the USA to place bets on the outcomes of games. This year is expected to be the busiest to date for the simple fact that the US Supreme Court ruled that online gambling can now be allowed to take place. We at www.PremierPerHead.com created a quick guide to show you how you as the bookies can capitalize on the FIFA World Cup.

After the World Cup has completed the English Premier league which is the world’s most watched football (Soccer) league will start playing again in August. But, not everyone likes a bet on soccer so there are plenty of other options for people to be wagering on this year.

Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

there are plenty of tennis games that go on all throughout the summer months and these always drawing huge crowds and plenty of betting activity. Currently the French Open is playing although that finishes in around four days’ time. But after that on 2 July until 15 July you have the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament which is watched globally. Of course after Wimbledon the next grand slam is in Flushing Meadows New York which is the US open. This runs from 27 August until 9 September. Tennis is very popular with bookies because there is the opportunity to create excellent parlay opportunities, especially in the grand slams.


Motor Racing

There are lots of opportunities for you to promote motor racing to your bookie clients throughout the summer months. With NASCAR and the IndyCar series in full swing as well as the globally popular Formula One races. While the Indy 500 has already passed this year the rest of the series is still immensely popular as is NASCAR.


the PGA tour is as popular in the States as it is in Europe and offers another fantastic opportunity for you to keep your customers engaged on your platform during the quiet season. On June 14 sees the start of the US open which is always immensely popular. Again this is where you should be utilising your email list as a bookie to remind all your customers of the upcoming week’s activities and encourage them to get involved. Many bookies even like to run small promotions to get them to make deposits and get them actively playing and wagering on sports.

Horse Racing

If you run a Racebook as well as a Sportsbook then you should be pushing hard this time of year to keep your punters happy and engaged with your products and services. With the final race of the triple Crown series, The Belmont Stakes due to be run on Saturday, 9 June will the favourite Justify make it to winning all three? It is looking very likely as the horse is now 4-0 and the first horse since way back in 1882 that has been able to capture the run for the Roses despite not running at all as a two-year-old.

There are also plenty of races around the world still being run with Royal Ascot, The Irish Derby and Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe still to be run which always attract major attention from gamblers.

Your In-House Casino

even if the sports above are not floating your customer’s boat then there are still opportunities for you to keep them engaged and profit from them during the quiet season. If you sign up for a Pay per Head Service like Premier per head offer then your customers will have the opportunity to access a casino with all the most popular games. It really is a fantastic way of keeping your customers active with your website and business during the quiet season as they stand to win money and you also will profit from their activities in the casino.

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