How Ethereum Could Become the World's Most Valuable Cryptocurrency

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While Ethereum is not yet universally accepted at online gambling websites, that could soon change and there are indications Ethereum could soon rival bitcoin as the most valuable currency on the market.  SCROLL DOWN

“Ethereum has the possibility to overtake the market capitalisation, and thus value, of bitcoin,”  Hubert Olszewski, director of business development at Blockchain Board of Derivatives, tells The Independent. “This is because from the get-go it was a more versatile tool.”

While litecoin and bitcoin cash have aimed to improve transaction times and lower costs, ethereum is looking at a far more ambitious approach.

“Bitcoin is a virtual currency, but also a store of value similar to gold. It’s limited to this function by its own design,” says Alessandra Sollberger, an early investor in bitcoin who has since diversified her cryptocurrency portfolio to include ethereum.

“That’s different with ethereum. Beyond being a virtual currency, it’s been designed as a software platform that enables applications such as smart contracts – which are self-executing, secure contracts – to be built and to run without the need of a third party.”



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Dr. Craig Wright: Inclusion is the Real Purpose of Tokenization

In his speech at the recently held TOKEN2049 event in Hong Kong, Dr. Craig Wright pointed out how HODLing became the new form of hoarding. According to the nChain chief scientist, a huge number of blockchain and cryptocurrency startups have been taking advantage of the hype and value spikes caused by HODLers.

“HODLing is probably the most despicable, evil thing to do with Bitcoin. It is not saving, it is hoarding. Bitcoin is a payment system. It is cash. It is to be used to help people spend money,” he said. “People can actually spend and use, not hoard so that in ten years, they can go, ‘look! I’ve got more of something than I can hold.’”

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- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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