How Can Local Bookies Accept Bitcoin Over the Internet?

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Some of today’s advanced bookie software for independent sports bookmakers would rival what even the biggest offshores sportsbooks have in place to operate online, but do not kid yourself into thinking that all Pay Per Head sites are created equal. Differences can range from something as simple as accepting Bitcoin to running an advanced operating system that employs triple redundancy across its entire database.

1-Premier Per Head is the No. 1 Price Per Head Service in the Internet Sports Betting Industry

Anytime someone calls themselves No. 1 at anything it may sound like a pretty bold claim, but Premier Per Head has been backing it up for well over 15 years with the right sportsbook software solutions needed to run and manage your own sportsbook, racebook and white label casino. One phone call to 800-498-4709 can unlock the door to the sportsbook management solutions that have already made a number of private bookies highly successful in what can be a very competitive business.

2-Customer Service Backed by a World Class Call Center

When you do sign on with Premier Per Head as your price per head service, you will immediately gain direct access to a world class call center that is staffed with online sports gambling experts that all come from a bookmaking background. Even more important is our commitment to always keep the lines of communication open and clear with customer service representatives that are well versed in working with an American-based cliental. We know exactly what it takes to be successful as a private bookie and we will always be there every step of the way to help you build and grow your online gambling business into a long-term profitable operation.

3-Everything You Need is Included in One Low Price Per Head Fees

There is always something to worry about when you run your own business, but with Premier Per Head as your PPH service provider you never have to worry about the weekly price per head fees you pay for your active betting customers. You will never find any hidden costs buried in the fine print of our agent agreement and  every sportsbook software solution we offer is included in that one low price per head.

Go to to see for yourself why we are the top Pay Per Head site in the online gambling software industry or give us a call at 800.498.4709 to speak directly with one of our account managers. 

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