How to Be An Online Bookie - Becoming A Master Agent Lesson 1

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There are a two-types of pay per head agent. The first is the master agent. The master agent runs a bookmaking business that employs the second type of agent. The second type of agent is the subagent.

Both agents are a hugely important part of the per head betting industry. Without master agents and subagents, the per head industry wouldn’t exist.

If an agent wishes to become a master agent, he or she should keep reading.

Below, is Lesson 1 on becoming a master agent.

Lesson 1:  Know Why You Want to Become a Master Agent

Not everyone should become a master agent. Master agents have different responsibilities than agents that just run their online sportsbooks. The abilities aren’t more important.

They’re just different because sportsbooks that require master agents to remain efficient and profitable require different skills.

There are only two reasons to become a master agent. If an agent’s business doesn’t fall under either category, the agent isn’t ready to become a master agent.

An agent should only become a master agent if:

A) An agent must become a master agent

How does an online bookie agent know when he or she must become a master agent? Use customer service as a benchmark.

If an agent finds it difficult to provide the same level of customer service, he or she might need to hire subagents.

B) An agent wishes to grow his or her current business

There could be a point when an agent’s business isn’t growing at all. If the agent is happy with the monthly revenue he or she is acquiring, that agent can go ahead and leave things as is. But, if an agent wishes to continue to grow his or her company, the agent should consider hiring subagents.

All subagents that a soon to be master agent hires should:

Be an expert in something the agent isn’t – If an agent is great at working with football bettors, the agent wants to hire someone who is an expert at working with other sports bettors, baseball, or basketball, or hockey.

Have their own book of business – Never look past a great book of business. The book of business falls right in line with subagents being experts.

As an example, the MLB betting agent expert should bring along a book of business with at least a few MLB sports bettors.

The key for per head agents is to know why he or she wishes to become a master agent. There’s no way to successfully transition to master agent status without answering that question.

Get The Right Sportsbook Software

If you answered yes to the above questions, and you’re ready to transition into a master agent, then you need to consider upgrading your current sportsbook management software to a premium solution.

PayPerHead.com offers the best tools and features in the business. Their Prime Package is made for master agents. So, if you plan to upgrade to a master agent - upgrade to Prime.

Right now, agents looking to upgrade can get the Prime Package for just $3 per head. Find out how, and start making real money, real efficiently.

Oh, and remember to come back next week for Lesson #2 on how to become a master agent.

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