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It’s time for online bookies to upgrade their price per head software. PayPerHead just offered an upgrade to its Prime Package at $10 per head, just in time for the Super Bowl LII. Bookies need powerful tools to maximize their profits.

PayPerHead’s offer only runs for a limited time, and it’s come at the right time. Every bookie out there is gearing up for the Super Bowl, and the Prime Package will arm them with everything they need to make a profit.

PayPerHead.com offers it’s 13,000 satisfied agents the tools, exclusive bookie resources, and the best customer service that agents and online bookies need to successfully run a business.

The PayPerHead.com Prime Features:

  • Fully customizable dashboards, including the ability to create 15+ reports.
  • Weekly balances that include in-depth reports for an agent or a player.
  • The ability to set scheduled circle limits on a sport, period, or even a profile.
  • Settle alerts that allow agents to create collect or pay out before limits are reached.
  • Hold percentages that provide breakdowns by sport, league, bet types, wins, and losses.
  • Mass editing tools to set maximum betting limits on all players all at once.
  • The line mover - to help online bookies encourage bets, and reduce risks for refunds
  • New: Agent Notifications, which will allow price per head agents to know when bets are being placed, with the choice of notifications via SMS, email, or through the PayPerHead app.

PayPerHead makes it easy to manage sportsbook efficiently. Signing up for the Prime Package at $10 per head empowers bookies to maximize their profits on every playoff game. 

Get PayPerHead Prime Today

This upgrade to Prime at $10 per head is only on for only a limited time—online bookies looking to grow their business today should take advantage now.

Account representatives will set up everything you need when you call in:

  • Account details
  • Preferred collection and payout methods
  • Your custom website

Build your book in time for the Super Bowl with PayPerHead Prime. Get the tools you need to run a business from the palm of your hand.

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If you are ready to join the sports betting business, then make sure to do it right, with the right help and tools, so that you can make sure to get the best results out of it. With Price per Head, you get a golden chance to have full backup and support from a fully operative sportsbook company, with all the best tools and services, and for the lowest price and risk possible. 

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