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A free per head software platform is just that, free software for bookies and would be bookies....but for only a limited time of course.

With the PremierPerHead platform, you get all the tools to manage your players and their picks like a pro, without any of the per-head costs the other guys charge as part of a free trial run. is currently offering the first two weeks free.  Don't like it, there is no obligation to keep utlizing the platform.  Test drive with a handful of your players and see how they like it. 

As this was going to press, it was possible to get the platform for free to test during the FInal Four and NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship. 

Here is what you get:

    Real-time, 24/7 snapshot of your status

    Offer the sharpest, up-to-date lines in sports

    Choose the sports and events you will offer

    Set limits by sport and wager type

    Set rules on parlays and teasers

    Use real-time reporting on players, winnings, and losses

    Superior infrastructure and redundancy guarantee 99.99% up-time

- Aaron Goldstein,

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