Find a Bookie in Baltimore: What to Know and Where to Look

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You can find a bookie in Baltimore is easy especially when everyone here essentially bleeds purple and orange (the Ravens colors)  Just follow these simple tips, the most important of which is that said bookie must utilize Pay Per Head software featuring LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING via a customized website.

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What to Expect This Season

There is little reason to believe the Ravens will take a step back this season.  Oddsmakers believe this Ravens team will win at least nine regular season games.

Where to Find a Bookie

Bookies can be found in sports bars and pool halls. 

Abbey Burger Bistro, HomeSlyce, Hudson Street Stackhouse and Lighthouse Tavern are some great bars.

Mt. Washington Tavern is the bar to be seen in at 5700 Newbury St.

Find a Bookie in Baltimore:  Canton
Find a Bookie in Baltimore:  Charles Village, Waverly
Find a Bookie in Baltimore:  Federal Hill 
Find a Bookie in Baltimore: Guilford
Find a Bookie in Baltimore:  Mt. Washington

Disposable Income

Rents range on average from $700 a month in the Cherry Hill section all the way up to $2490 in Jonestown. 

Bookie Personality Traits

Your bookie won’t be one of those snowflake types.  He or she is blue collar through and through.  If new to town, it might be tough to understand your bookie as Baltimoreans speak with an unusual accent (Blieve Hon).  He or she probably has a bunch of kids too and needs to support them by holding up a second job in addition to bookmaking, probably at one of the city’s many top manufacturing plants.  He or she will come across as a bit rough around the edges as, no matter where in the city one might reside, Baltimore is plagued by violence (see “The Wire”).  Bookies will be more apt to utilize a Pay Per Head here in order to avoid any identifying features that might otherwise make them an attraction to would be thugs.  He or she will typically be drinking a beer and eating crabs when you meet up to get paid. 

Interesting Factoids

The first professional sports organization in the United States, The Maryland Jockey Club, was formed in Baltimore in 1743. 

Neighborhood Fan Base

All you need to know here is that every neighborhood bleeds purple and orange.  No matter their ups or downs, Baltimore residents support their Ravens no matter what. 

- Ean Lamb, Gambling911com

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