Enroll in Bookie Bootcamp and Get 50% Off A Premium Sportsbook Solution

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There’s a lot of handicappers and sharp bettors who are ready to start their own sportsbook businesses.  Why?

They’re tired of giving up that vig to someone else.

4.7 BILLION dollars was bet on Super Bowl 51, and is expected to increase for Super Bowl 52

Online bookies agents, of any level, need to expand their knowledge to keep up with the competitive market.

That’s why PayPerHead.com has put together the best combo for online bookie agents. They’re offering an exclusive package that includes tips, tricks, and tutorials, and giving agents 50% off a premium sportsbook management software!

Stay Competitive 

There are basics that every online bookie needs to know to stay afloat. The ones who want a competitive edge—even more than the basics—should consider getting lessons from the pros.

That’s why PayPerHead’s team of experts have created the 14-Day Bookie Bootcamp. They want to see agents succeed and want to give online bookies the know-how.

Then, unlock the 50% off per head once you enroll.

Agents will be equipped with knowledge and premium tools, and will have the ability to start growing their sportsbook empire.

Bookie Bootcamp Includes:

  1. Exclusive eBooks written by PayPerHead’s experienced staff, developed to help bookies make informed decisions. They’ve included their best 3 eBooks which include:
    • The Ultimate Pay Per head Software Checklist
    • Bookie Success Secrets
    • The Ultimate NFL 2017-2018 Guide
  2. Online bookie tips gives novice and advanced bookies actionable information that can be put to use almost instantaneously. These include:
    • When and how to use premium tools
    • Tips for utilizing technology like social media
    • Networking and prospecting tips
  3. Free access to PayPerHead’s Prime Package, and you’ll get the opportunity to go Prime for 50% off per head.

    You’ll be set up with:
    • Access all features with your 14-day free trial of the Prime Package
    • Receive live and personalized demos, catered to your needs
    • Resources and tutorials for Prime Tools, such as the Line Mover

This is an exclusive offer that equips bookies of multiple skill levels to become Master Agents with lucrative businesses and extensive bookie knowledge.

Become a Pro. Start Bookie Bootcamp Today

Bookies will learn from the pioneers of the online sportsbook business and become pros in just 14 days. This exclusive offer has been built from the ground up, by the PayPerHead team.

If you’re looking to become a bookie, all you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for the PayPerHead Online Bookie Bootcamp. You’ll receive the Ultimate Pay Per Head Software Checklist, and a 7-day free trial of PayPerHead’s premium sportsbook software.
  2. Check your inbox daily for Bookie Bootcamp material and start putting the lessons into action!
  3. After using the tips and features, and experiencing what premium software can do, activate the remaining 7-day free trial by adding a $250 deposit into your PayPerHead account. This will unlock the 50% off per head for the Prime Package.
  4. Get the knowledge and build your sportsbook empire.

There’s no reason someone with knowledge of sports and sportsbetting can’t become a pro bookie. Joining the 14-day Bookie Bootcamp is the first step in building a successful sportsbook  business.

Sign up for the 14-day Bookie Bootcamp today.

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