Does Your Pay Per Head Service Make The Grade?

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Does Your Pay Per Head Service Make The Grade?

Cost and features often get all the attention when an agent is searching for pay per head solutions, but it’s the customer service itself that ultimately determines whether they’ve made the right choice.

A solid pay per head company will not only be competitive on price and have a wide range of features, but they’ll also facilitate all the headaches associated with getting started or moving from a pre-existing account with another company to theirs.

Does your pay per head provider offer:

  • Free data migration?
  • Domain name registration or redirection assistance?
  • Website hosting?
  • Professional website templates that can be customized for your business?
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service in English, Spanish and Chinese?

It’s options like these that determine whether your bookie business is going to have the support it needs to truly thrive.

Why work with a pay per head provider that can’t help you make the most of your business when there are more comprehensive options out there?

One example is
They handle data migration, domain name transfers and web hosting for sportsbooks both big and small. Depending on the size of the bookmaking business, their clients are often up and running within twenty-four hours.

They also offer a free trial so that you can ‘try before you buy’.

“Too often, we talk about our features like live in-game wagering, 80+ leagues to bet on, the live casino and the sharpest lines in the business”, says GR, a marketing manager at “But as great as those features are, we also bend over backwards to manage the tech side of the business for our clients. Our bookies get to focus on making more money because we handle things like data migrations for them."

So does your pay per head company make the grade?

Can they back up fancy features and competitive pricing with full blown customer service and support for whenever your business happens to hit a speed bump along the way?

Make sure your pay per head service offers free data migration, 24/7 phone support, web hosting and professional design options.

Better yet, they should also have a no risk free trial so you can get on the inside and make sure they’re right for you before any money changes hands. is one good option that has everything a serious bookie needs to run their business.

No matter which pay per head solution you choose, make sure that you’re getting more than just certain prices and features - make sure they’ll also go the extra mile for you.


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