Is The Dash Altcoin Going To Be The Next Big Thing In 2018?

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It is hard to answer this question with a mere yes or no. The reason is that there are many things in place. Bitcoin, the traditional digital is still leading. But there is also Dash, which is coming in with force. While it is hard to predict, there are chances that other digital coins are coming up. Most of these altcoins are now behind bitcoin. They are recording very high increments. Dash, for instance, explodes by 4,938% in 2017. Again, this explosion is only for the last quarter of the year. Otherwise, there is no much activity before then.

Some digital currency analysts say that Dash is among a few cryptos that are causing bitcoin ‘a headache’. Of course, there are others like ether and Ripple that are also recording high percentages. So, it is essential to know of this coin. The knowledge about this coin will assist you in evaluating whether it is a coin to reckon with. It will also give you a chance to see if you can invest in it. Where do we start? 

What Is Dash?

Like most digital currencies, Dash is also decentralized. But it is good to know that there is a difference between the Dash and others. What is more is that there is a difference between Dash and Dashcoin.  Many people use these two words to mean the same thing. Dashcoin has the symbol ‘DSH’. This currency has a market cap of $543, 724. According to reports from exchanges, investors only manage to swap approximately $2, 850 of this daily.

Then there is a Dash. Also, this is a big thing. It is rubbing shoulders with big coins such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Like its name, the coin trades as DASH. A Dash token is worth $558.65. Also, this is the current price. But things are subject to change any minute. The market cap for this digital coin stands at $4.8 billion.
So, Dash is to Dashcoin.

Now, you are aware of the difference between the two. But what of Dash and Bitcoin? Above all, this is a fundamental question. It forms an integral part of this write-up. Also, this is because we want to know who close the two are. In fact, how one coin will beat the other. For now, you know that both are decentralized currencies. It doesn’t mean they are similar. They both work differently. What you need to know are the sources of their differences. 

For instance, it is good to know that they differ in transaction speed. The second difference is on payment costs. And the third difference is on matters privacy. An in-depth of the differences will tell you that the Dash is a stand-alone cryptocurrency. Each year, a certain amount goes to the development team. Master nodes also get a share. 

But the bitcoin has a long list of stakeholders. You can mention of:
•    Blockchain.
•    MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative.
•    Blockstream.
•    Chaincode Labs Inc.
•    Ciphrex.
•    Chinese exchange.
•    BTCC.
The list is endless.

Look at the most significant difference: In 2017, bitcoin prices grow by 755% while the price of Dash increases by 4, 938%!

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