Cross-Sport Parlays Of The Week Sportsbooks Should Promote

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C Costigan
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Promoting cross-sport parlays is a good way to get sports bettors interested in games that they normally might not care anything about.

The best way to promote cross-sport parlays is to pick multiple games from at least 3 different sports. Online bookie agents should promote cross-sport parlays that involve the following games.

College Bowls

Saturday, Dec. 23

Dollar General Bowl

Appalachian State +7.5 vs Toledo -7.5

50% are on both sides of the spread in this year’s Dollar General Bowl. So far, 50% of handicappers are siding with App State. 50% of handicappers are siding with Toledo.

That makes the Dollar General Bowl one of the toughest games for sports bettors to handicap this weekend.

Hawai’i Bowl

Fresno State +2.5 vs Houston -2.5

49% of football handicappers prefer Fresno State. 51% prefer Houston. If we consider the 1% only to be casual bettor money, this is another 50% college bowl game.

The reason handicapping the Hawai’i Bowl is such a chore is because both teams field excellent defenses.

Pay per head agents should consider Fresno State vs Houston in the Hawai’i Bowl a great add to any promoted cross-sport parlay bets.

NFL Week 16

Sunday, Dec. 24

Cleveland Browns +6.5 at Chicago Bears -6.5

The Browns must win this Sunday. If they don’t, there’s a better than 98% chance that Cleveland doesn’t win a single game during the NFL Regular Season.

To make matters more interesting, and to make this game a conundrum for sports bettors, both teams start rookie quarterbacks.

Also, neither team has a shot at making the playoffs.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers +10 at Carolina Panthers -10

Tampa Bay isn’t close to being as good of a football team as the Carolina Panthers. With that being written, Carolina is terrible ATS versus their fellow NFC South opponents.

The Panthers are only 3 and 7 ATS in their last 10 games versus an NFC South rival. That’s why football bettors are almost split down the middle on who they think covers in this battle.


Monday, Dec. 25

**Every game in the NBA on Christmas Day figures to be difficult to handicap. The 3 most difficult games for NBA bettors to handicap are below.

Philadelphia 76’ers pk at New York Knicks pk

Cleveland Cavaliers +7 at Golden State Warriors -7

Houston Rockets -4.5 at Oklahoma City Thunder +4.5


NFL Week 16

Monday, Dec. 25

Oakland Raiders +9 at Philadelphia Eagles +9

Eagles QB Nick Foles will be trying to have the same success versus the Raiders defense as he had versus the Giants defense. 55% of sports handicappers, so far, feel Foles fails.

Per head agents should get creative with their cross-sport parlay bets. They might even want to create 2 different cross-sport parlay bets.

It’s going to be difficult for any single player to hit a 4-Team parlay no matter what the combination is. That’s how difficult the games above are to handicap.

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