Concerns Over Eos Range From Minor to Critical

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The EOS mainnet is less than a week old but has already run into a host of issues.

Just two days after launching, the EOS mainnet froze. noted:

Teething problems with new blockchains are to be expected, but the numeracy of these, coupled with a series of other anomalies, have had EOS critics scratching their heads and developers on the defensive.

With all the hype surrounding the EOS mainnet, a soft launch was never going to happen.


The most recent issue was a bug which caused block production to stop over the weekend, forcing a conference call between, EOS’ developers, and the 21 block producers tasked with running the network. The cause of the problem appears to have been an error in the latest build, obliging EOS to resort to an earlier version of the code. This raises the question of how much testing is being performed on new code; it looks like is issuing updates that have not been thoroughly tested, forcing them to fix problems as they occur on the mainnet.

Those "in the know" can't be surprised.  Just weeks before its launch, Chinese researchers warned of the vulnerability.

Chinese security company Qihoo 360 said in a blog post late last month that its researchers discovered an “epic” vulnerability in the EOS platform that could allow someone to manipulate all transactions.

They noted that a hacker would have been able to upload a smart contract with malicious code onto the EOS mainnet and take over a node.

Once the malicious code takes control of a relevant server, an “attacker could then pack the malicious contract into new block (sic) and further control all nodes of the EOS network.”

“Due to the decentralized computing architecture, a security hole in a single blockchain node can compromise the whole network,” the researchers wrote.

Yet another issue is the complexity of creating an EOS wallet when compared with other cryptocurrency wallets.

One will need to obtain the assistance of an existing account-holder.  Difficult to find and, without their input, it’s impossible for any newcomer to join the EOS ecosystem.

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