Capitalize On These PPH Features To Make Cash During This NFL Season

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Whether you are a long time bookie or you just started the other day, there are things you need to understand. It is useless that your business is set up using large sums of money yet you make very little in return.

However, as a serious bookie agent, you need to capitalize on the following pay per head features at PremierPerHead.com to make serious cool cash.

1. Layoff Account

It is a very important thing that pay per head bookies don’t misuse or mismanage the layoff account.
Remember that it is the layoff account that will help you balance your books thus lay off money that is bet on one side of the wager.

2. TV Listings

You cannot underestimate the power of various TV listings. In fact, they should come into your full focus.  For instance, think of how important it is to run advertisements on Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football and Sunday Night Live Football.

Running TV promotions on the nights that are full of action will no doubt boost the number of visitors who will finally place their bets on your site.

3. Line Mover

You will never be where you want to be, at the top if you do not have the line mover. In fact, it is one of the quality features that are offered by the best online bookie software. Remember that a line mover gives you the ability to take charge of those players who come with the aim of taking advantage of the lines at particular times.

To curb any mischievous behavior, you can simply add and minus a point thus neutralize the player.

4. Live Betting Reports

By the way, how can you aptly say that you are in full control of your bookie site if you do not have or update live betting reports. In the case of NFL, it is a must that gamers know what happened or what is currently happening on specific games.

Remember that you have run a promotion on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or even Sunday Night Football actions. Don’t you think it is also essential you tell your players what transpired? It is an excellent marketing tool that has much strength. Visit PremierPerHead.com for more information.

5. Settle Alert

Settle an alert is also a nice tool for in-house use. By the way, you should know that not all gamers will be able to continue wagering because somehow, they ran short of funds. As such, the settle alert feature will warn you thus disabling the player’s active bet.

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