Bookie Tips: How BitCoin Payments Benefit Your Book

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Bitcoin has become all the rage. Online bookie agents should learn what bitcoins are and how bitcoins are becoming the Internet’s main source of currency.

Once they’ve done that, they should read below for why bitcoins are a benefit to their books.

Benefits of Price Per Head Agents Accepting Bitcoins

Accept wagers from players anywhere in the world – Although this may seem obvious to many, being able to accept wagers from players anywhere in the world is a huge advantage to price per head agents in the United States.

This allows those bookmakers to accept wagers from players traveling all over the world as well as players hanging out at home in the U.S.

Less and less volatility – Bitcoin is becoming less and less volatile. As the currency become more accepted, volatility should go lower and lower.

Soon, once most online merchants accept bitcoin, the volatility will cease altogether.

Players pay a fraction of a penny for deposits and withdrawals – Depending on the set-up, this can be a big advantage to price per head agents looking to expand their businesses.

Many players are used to wagering on sportsbooks that take a percentage of their deposits. 

Anonymity leads to the impossibility of market restrictions – Bitcoin makes it easy for players to remain anonymous.

A lot of players, especially pro players, prefer anonymity. Pro and casual players alike have lives outside of their second job or hobby. Bitcoin allows for anonymity.

Ease of deposits and withdrawals – It’s understood that any time you can offer customer service that makes it easy for your players to deposit and make withdrawals, that’s a good thing.

No security checks, leading to faster deposits – Since depositing bitcoins do not require security checks, it’s easier for players to make deposits in your business.

Faster deposits lead to faster and more action. Faster deposits are one of those small elements of your business that could lead to more profit.

Start Accepting Bitcoin Today

Bitcoins are becoming the Internet’s main source of currency. Although volatility remains, stability is strengthening day by day.

The more online merchants that accept bitcoins, the more the currency should stabilize. Online bookie agents should consider accepting bitcoins.

Online bookies and price per head agents can start accepting bitcoin by getting PayPerHead’s industry-leading software.

And currently they are offering a free upgrade to their premium software, now’s the time to start making real money. Go pro, become a PayPerHead agent today.

Any questions can be directed to a rep. For those agents and future agents that prefer to call, the phone number is 888-978-0288.   

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