Bookie Tips: 4 Ways to Persuade Players to Bet More

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There are many ways for online bookie agents to increase more action. A lot of times, increasing action is as easy as communicating to players. See below for 4 ways that are guaranteed to work.

Turn on Live Betting

The best way to increase action is to turn on live betting. Players are more likely to live bet events that they watch.

Bookmakers can use TV listing from the premium software at PayPerHead to find out what’s being nationally televised on that night.

They can use the mass editing tool to open live betting for all players. Price per head agents can upgrade to PayPerHead’s premium software today for free and get these tools and more. 

Study Up on Players’ Habits

It’s understood that before performing any marketing, price per head agents should make a point of knowing what players prefer.

If a player absolutely loves to bet on the NBA, bookmakers should know this. Not knowing what certain players prefer could end up costing bookmakers action.

Send Email Blasts

Sending email blasts on major events, such as the NBA All-Star Game, or a college football bowl game, can lead to more upfront action as well as live betting action.

Online bookie agents should make sure that any email blasts aren’t considered spam. Don’t be nonchalant in email blasts.

But at the same time, be professional, and make sure to add something that encourages action.

Remind Players of Open Bets

Reminding players of open bets is a good way to increase action on live betting. It’s an excellent strategy to double-up on action for any given sporting event.

For example, if a player has an open bet on the Dallas versus Green Bay game, bookmakers should send a reminder about live betting on the game.

Reminding players that they have an open wager on an event that’s just about to start makes a ton of sense if live betting is offered on that event.

There are several ways for bookmakers to increase action in their businesses. One of the best ways is to open live betting. By opening live betting, online bookie agents can then market live betting events to players with open wagers on those specific events. Understanding players’ betting habits can lead to effective email blasts.

Having the right price per head software can help bookies tie all of these tips together. PayPerHead’s premium software makes it easy to understand bettors’ habits and leverage the right games with.

Using their thorough and comprehensive reports, online bookies can see exactly what games are make the most money, and who’s betting.

Price per head agents can upgrade to their premium software service for free today and start growing their business like a pro. Get it today, and start making real money. reps are available to chat. For those who prefer to call, the phone number is 888-978-0288.   

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