BitCoins: The Best Solution for Paying your PPH Service

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Everyone involved in the sports betting industry will agree that pay per head services represents a great solution for many sports agents, bookies and/or small operations that need to become more competitive while at the same time keeping their overhead in check; however, one of the main problems that has affected the online betting businesses has always been the limited payment options available.

Forget about the traditional payment methods and the problems they bring:

For years, the process of sending and receiving funds has been a big challenge, and the pay per head industry is not an exception, agents need to pay for the weekly services provided, and traditional options are usually a headache; unreliable, slow, difficultÖ among many other things.

Money transfer services have been one of the preferred methods in the recent times, but even this has become a hassle, and many simply donít like the fact that there is a big paper trail left behind; shouldnít we all be entitled to some privacy and confidentiality on what we are paying and who we are paying? Unfortunately, it is not that simple, a lot of factors come into play that we are not going to discuss in this article; the point is, there is a problemÖ the good news is that perhaps there is already a solution; just read along.

You probably have already heard of the term ìvirtual currencyî or at least ìbitcoinsî, which came in as a big innovation some years back, yet, as it commonly happens with new payment methods there were a lot of questions up in the air about how it worked, its safety, stability, etc.† Now, though, it is on the road to becoming the payment option of choice for pay per head services. Skepticism is normal at first, and even a bit of distrust when it comes to ìvirtualî methods, but think about it, remember when Paypal, Neteller, and even Money Transfers generated doubt in you?

Bitcoin use explained simply:

The main thing to get comfortable using BitCoins is understanding how it works and testing it. Hereís some basic details you have to know if you want to use this method:

Bitcoin has a value:†It works the same as any other currency. For instance: currently 1 bitcoin is $650.00 USD; will that amount fluctuate? Yes, like any other currency, it does, BUT there is no fluctuation risk. What does that mean? It means that if you buy today 1 bitcoin at a rate of $650.00, when you make your payment to AcePerHead.com for example, you will get credited whatever amount you bought the bitcoin at, in this example, youíd get credited $650.00.

Confidentiality: Naturally like with any other online payment method you have to open up an account using your real/correct information, there is no going around this, but, the beauty is, that once you have your account set up and you have your balance, you can use that balance to pay whatever it is you need to pay by sending the money to the receiversí bitcoin wallet, this transaction is anonymous, there is no trail of it and no record of what the transfer is for.

Where to get bitcoins: Thereís a number of different options for this, you can do your research or check on industry reviews to make sure you make a good choice. Ace Per Head recommends Circle.com or BTCC.com.

As you can see, using Bitcoins to pay your pay per head agent is a fast and convenient solution, AcePerHead.com as one of the industry leaders accepts and recommends this payment method, always being in the forefront in order to provide the best service and quality of products for its clients.

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