Bitcoen the First Electronic Currency Specifically for Jews

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If you are Jewish, the day may come when you can use the crypto-currency Bitcoen to place bets online.  That’s right.  An anonymous digital currency just for Jews, which of course begs the question:  If you are making transactions anonymously, how would one know you happen to be Jewish?

The answer to that question is that you can have the obviously-not-Jewish last name of O’Brien, Costigan or Gomez and still partake.

Bitcoen, however, will be overseen by a 'Council of Six' made up solely of Jewish representatives (none of whom have the last name O'Brien, we can assure you of that).

From the Jerusalem Post:

BitCoen, an electronic crytopcurrency based off of the idea of BitCoin, is set to launch in September. Businessman Viacheslav Semenchuk, the brains behind the operation, told Russian media outlet RT that he and his partners are in talks with almost 100 trading platforms, discussing the prospects of the currency's ability to be used for purchasing.

The currency will be based on the value of the US dollar, with each BitCoen token available for one dollar. The plan is to initially issue 100 million BitCoens.The company hopes that they will be able to circulate up to $1.5 billion in the first two years.

With Bitcoin now accounting for upwards of 40 percent of all online gambling transactions, what are the chances that Bitcoen could be adapted by the sector?

טוֹב or good!

Israel just happens to be home to a good chunk of the Web gambling industry as it turns out.

If your favorite site doesn’t incorporate Bitcoen in another year, demand it!

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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