Best Pay Per Head Sports Betting

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Matt Skinner
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Best Pay Per Head Sports Betting

Is your PPH shop really giving you what you need?

Are you aware of all the benefits a good Pay Per Head sports betting solution can give you?

A PPH service allows private bookies like yourself to provide your clients access to an online gaming platform where they can place their bets, but if you choose the right pay per head service you will get a lot more than that and find the solution youíve been looking for:

Your players will get:

  • Wide variety of sports betting options
  • Virtual and Live Casino
  • Racebook
  • 24/7 online access
  • Live Betting
  • Customer support
  • Mobile access
  • Security

While you as an agent can enjoy some of the following pluses:

  • Personal Account Manager
  • Access to helpful reporting tools
  • Confidentiality and security
  • Sharp line management
  • Custom Websites
  • Incredible prices

A PPH service that stands out while remaining affordable.

While many PPH†sportsbooks may offer you similar solutions and options, the best way to find out that which one is the best alternative is definitely by trying their service; good PPH shops will give you a free trial, since they are confident that once you try them you will stick with them.

Among the options weíve tried,† we consider to be the best pay per head sports betting solution, because not only do they feature each one of the services mentioned above, but their software is friendly to use, and their customer service stands out over the rest, you can actually understand their reps and they are well trained and friendly. Best of all, they have a 9 week free trial period, which is great for you to test every single feature from a player or agent perspective. will give you the possibility of choosing from a number of skins to create your site; they will custom design your own creation or even hook up their login form to your current skin. They will also allow you to establish your own limits as they have fully configurable boards, lines, players and limits, in other words even though they are providing the service, you are still in control of your business.

Another aspect that sold us on the fact that is the best pay per head sports betting option out there is their incredible technology. Weíve been around a lot of different sportsbooks and pretty much all of them at one point or another have experienced issues with their security or their system jams up during crunch time which is really frustrating.† has made a huge investment in technology to avoid these issues, and it has certainly paid off as more and more bookies are seeking their services, Iíve never seen their system go down or their site getting stuck during rush hour and this is really a plus.

Whether you are just now looking for a PPH solution or if you want to switch to a different service we suggest you test, they are simply the best pay per head sports betting service out there today.

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