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The popularity of online casino games increases every year, last year online casino games became the second most important source of revenue for online gambling companies worldwide.

Gain New Revenue with Live Dealer Casino Games

Independent bookies who are looking to attract more players as well as engage their existing ones in fun new ways need look no further than the live dealer casino software platform offered by

Most pay per head services offer a slimmed down version of live casino, where player interaction is limited to just watching a live streamed video, however, as always ACE PER HEAD†is at the forefront of the industry and their live dealer casino also offers the possibility of chatting with the beautiful dealers in real time, enhancing the player experience.

Casino has always been a high revenue product in the gambling industry, when online sportsbooks introduced virtual casino games more than a decade ago, the results were mixed, which misled most operators into believing the product was more of a filler than a real revenue generator.

The biggest mistake, was not understanding that casino players constitute a different market entirely, while there are players who enjoy betting on both sports and casino, the majority will choose one or the other. Luring casino players required marketing strategies designed specifically for that niche, which most operators failed to do, and in turn lost considerable revenue over the years.

Luckily, there were visionaries out there who understood the issue of product segmentation and launched a marketing strategy to try and attract casino players, and the rest is history. Following the success of virtual casino games, the need to create a more life-like experience for the players came about, and thus live casinos were born.

The live dealer casino software, is separate from the virtual casino console, yet the proís at ACE PER HEAD†have worked their magic and agents can view and manage all the products from one backend, making managing your business as easy as eating pie.

The challenges presented in running a live dealer casino, include the video streaming, which must be of excellent quality to offer the players a unique gaming experience, the female dealers must be beautiful, friendly yet professional and the entire platform must be stable enough to handle infinite amounts of simultaneous connects, in every single one of these aspects Ace Pay Per Head has excelled all expectations.

The unique chat feature of the live dealer casino software offered at Ace, has turned out to be one of the bestselling points of the product, since this is something not every operator has to offer, you will have an edge in your marketing campaigns to lure more customers to your business, and more customers means more revenue.

Even though the casino market has grown in the last few years, it remains a mostly untapped segment, this means it offers plenty of opportunities for willing independent bookies to create a profitable market, which is sure to grow exponentially in the next few years. Making this the perfect time to penetrate the market and position yourself ahead of the competition. What are you waiting for?

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