Attention Bookies: Don't Make These Big Mistakes In Your Sportsbook

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Online bookie agents run businesses with several pitfalls. Reputable pay per head companies offer bookmakers tools that help them prevent from falling into those pits.

Many times, when bookies head down a pit, it’s because those bookie didn’t utilize all the available tools.

See below for preventable mistakes.

Not Setting Max Betting Limits on Future Bets

This can be a huge problem for pay per head agents. Not setting max betting limits on future bets can lead to disaster. There’s definitely players who take advantage of decent future bet odds during the middle of a season.

For example, the New England Patriots are offering 3 to 1 odds to win Super Bowl 52.

Some players might dump on the Patriots at those odds. Paying out at 3 to 1 on a $1,000 bet might not sound too harsh.

However, if you double, triple, or quadruple that $1,000 bet, a bookie could cripple his or her business.

Overusing Your Layoff Account

The goal of Las Vegas Sportsbooks is to garner an equal amount of money bet on both sides of a spread. This makes sense for Vegas Sportsbooks.

The MGM, as an example, doesn’t have to create new forms of revenue. Just garnering the 10% fee to accept wagers is good enough.

Individual per head agents, like you, don’t have the luxury of not searching for different ways of creating profit. One of the best ways to create profit is to shun one side of a spread.

When a team is over bet against the spread, at times this creates an opportunity for bookmakers. Instead of covering the bets, online bookies could let those bets ride.

By doing so, there’s a chance of collecting all the money on the single side of a spread. That could add up to huge profit.

Not Creating Settle Alerts

There are two reasons to create settle alerts. The first is to know when you, the per head agent, must make a payout. The second is to know when you, the pay per head agent, must collect.

Both reasons to create settle alerts are good for both you and your clients.

If clients owe too much money, they can longer make bets. That’s a problem for them. If you haven’t made payouts on time, you could get behind.

Either way, you want your online bookie business to run smoothly.

Set smart settle alerts!

Having The Wrong Sportsbook Software

There are plenty of sportsbook software companies out there wanting an online bookie’s business. Some pay per head agents end up signing up for the wrong one.

No online bookie wants to have to close up shop because their sportsbook software didn’t provide the proper service. Unfortunately, this happens all too often.

That’s why online bookie should always look around and find the most reputable sportsbook software that ensures bookies have the right tool, including the ones previously mentioned.

PayPerHead.com has been in the industry for 20 years and have a team of experts, including in-house linesmakers, who put online bookies’ sportsbook first.

They offer 24/7 assistance for both the bookie, and his or her players, and they never cut corners with providing the sharpest lines.

Right now, online bookies looking to expand their knowledge, and their business, can start PayPerHead’s 14-Day Bookie Bootcamp. Bookies will receive a software checklist minutes after they enroll.

Then, start using it, and see which software stands up to the premium test. All bookies have to do is sign up for a FREE trial of PayPerHead’s Prime Package.

During which time, bookies can try out the software, work through the 14-Days of lessons, and start growing their business.

What do you have to lose? Sign up for the free trial, and get instantly enrolled in PayPerHead’s 14-day Bookie Bootcamp.

Grow your bookie empire - Experience premium today.

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