Are You Happy With Your Price Per Head Service?

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Matt Skinner
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Are You Happy With Your Price Per Head Service?

If you are a Pay Per Head customer, you may want to evaluate your situation and think about whether you can do better. Are you happy with the service you are getting?

Only YOU can answer that question  for sure, but in the interest of helping you along, you may want to ask yourself some of the following questions:

– Are you maximizing your earnings as a direct result of the PPH service you are currently paying?

– Are you absolutely as profitable as you think you can be, or do you think you have the potential to go even further?

– When you make a call to the customer service department, is there always somebody there to handle your problem when you need it handled, and cheerfully at that?

– Do you like the design of your Price Per Head customized website, Price Per Head customized website, or do you think it can be more attractive and/or efficient?

– Are your customers able to access your interface and navigate easily to all the wagering choices you have?

– Are there any communication problems at all with your PPH call center, as reported by any of your customers?

– Do you in fact HAVE the ability to send your customers to a call center, which gives them another option in terms of placing their wagers?

– Do you have the ability to offer racebook or casino action to your players, thus increasing the choices they have?

– Can your players access your operation through their mobile device, whether it be a smartphone or a tablet?

– Do you offer live sports betting, or a live dealer casino, which are two options that have demonstrated to be big money-makers?

– Are you able to manage each of your customers individually through a back end? Can you offer them, on an individual basis, different sports or different products, and can you govern their limits?

– Do you ever experience "down time"?

– Do you get the overall feeling that it is an organization that exists for the purpose of making your business better?

If you're not happy with some of the answers you come up with, then perhaps it is time to make a change. Premier Per Head is ready to offer you a free trial so that you can see what we have to offer. One thing we can guarantee you is that you are going to be HAPPY with what we can do for your business!

- Matt Skinner,

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