Are Western Union & MoneyGram Payments Still Available for Pay Per Head Services?

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The Internet sports betting industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace given all the recent advances in online gambling technology.

While Premier Per Head remains on the cutting edge of all of these changes as the No. 1 Pay Per Head site in the private bookie software industry, we have also stayed true to some of the standard business practices that have helped us get to the top over the past 15 years.

1-Easy Payment Methods for Your Price Per Head Service Fees

Long before popular virtual currency companies such as Bitcoin were even in business, money transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram were the most common ways a private bookie could pay their per head fees for their sportsbook software solutions service. Premier Per Head still offers a blend of old and new when it comes to our easy payment methods with all three of these money transfer options. You can even use a gift card to pay your fees if that works better for your online bookie operation. The bottom-line goal for our PPH service is ease of use and convenience when it comes to any payment methods we offer.

2-World Class Customer Service both Online and Off

Premier Price Per Head still conducts a great deal of business through the use of our 800.498.4709 toll free number. Access to a professional account manager and other customer service personnel is still just a phone call away if that remains your preferred means of managing your account. When it comes to online communication, you have a number of options including email, text, an Internet chat service and a secure two-way messenger system. Regardless of how you choose to contact us, we are always up and running every single day of the year.

3-Everything Your Need is Included in One, Low Per Head Price

We have been helping independent sports bookmakers just like yourself run and manage your own sportsbook, racebook and online white label casino for well over 15 years. Our sportsbook management solutions are not only the best in the online bookie software industry, they are all-inclusive when it comes to the low, weekly price per head service fees you pay for just your active betting customers. Once you sign on with our PPH service at 800.498,4709 or online at PremierPerHead.com you will never have to worry about paying any hidden fees or added costs buried in the fine print of our bookie agent agreement.

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