Another Bitcoin Fork? Welcome Bitvote

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Does the world really need another Bitcoin fork?  That's exactly what appears to have happened this past week with the new creation called Bitvote.


Bitcoin mining pool ViaBTC informed its users last week that a hard fork will happen on the BTC chain on Jan. 20, 2018, at block height of 505050, creating a new asset called Bitvote (BTV).

“Bitvote (BTV) increases its blocksize to 8MB and adopts SegWit, which to a large degree has improved it [sic] transaction efficiency,” ViaBTC said on its website.

BTV was first issued by Hong Kong-based exchange Coinex.

“Four million BTV are available for mining after forking, and it will take about 400 days to mine all of them,” according to the website. will continue to monitor and alert its readers should any online gambling sites begin to offer Bitvote as an option.

- Aaron Goldstein,


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