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If you are an independent sports bookmaking agent looking for the right Pay Per Head site to handle the day-to-day operational tasks that go into a business of this nature, that search can be a daunting task. Make things easy on yourself by calling Premier Per Head at 800.498.4709. Over the past 15 years, we have grown to become the No. 1 price per head service in the online gambling industry today.

1-Owned and Operated by Online Sports Betting Experts

Premier Per Head was founded by and continues to be run by some of the top minds in the Internet sports betting industry. We have spared no cost over the years to perfect our sportsbook bookie software solutions and there is no other PPH service out there as committed to helping you run and manage your own sportsbook, racebook and white label casino. We view our business relationship with private bookies as a true partnership. We know that our long-term success in the highly competitive online sports betting industry is directly tied to yours so we will always do everything within our power to help you succeed.

2-Triple Redundancy Throughout Our Entire Database

One of the biggest complaints that independent sports bookmakers have about their PPH service is dependability. There is nothing more damaging to your bottom line then your price per head provider operating system going down. You cannot afford to have even one of your customers turn elsewhere to place their bets, so you have our assurance that Premier Per Head will be up and running on a round-the-clock basis every single day of the year.

3-Sports Betting Software that is Customizable and Easy to Use

Another widespread complaint among private bookies is the cookie-cutter approach their Pay Per Head site takes towards their gambling software package. One size does not fit all in this dynamic industry so we have designed our online sports betting software to be fully customizable to meet your individual business needs. Our expert IT staff will build and maintain a website to your specifications and best of all this is included in the low price per head fees you pay for your active customer base. Our software applications are easy to navigate and built with dozens of security measures to keep every online transaction safe and secure.

Do yourself a favor and start your Pay Per Head search at PremierPerHead.com or call us at 800.498.4709. It will be the best business decision you can make for your sports bookmaking operation.

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