5 Reasons to Switch to Pay Per Head Software

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If bookies haven’t switched to pay per head software, they should consider doing so today. It’s not because bookmakers that haven’t don’t know what they’re doing.

Bookmakers that haven’t switched should switch because it helps them do what they already know how to do better. See below for 5 reasons why making the switch is necessary.

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Cloud-Based Business

Before getting into pay per head specifics, it’s important to understand what per head software does. It puts a bookmaker’s business into the cloud.

Bookies become online bookies. They run cloud-based businesses. Everything runs faster, and more efficiently, in the cloud.

Per Head Dashboard

The most important aspect of any cloud-based business is the interface. There are two types of per head interfaces. The first, and most important, is the bookmaker interface, or the dashboard.

The second interface is client or customer facing. That interface is what a bookmaker’s customers see when they make wagers.

Access to a per head dashboard, the bookmaker’s interface, is one of the key reasons to switch to per head software.

PPH Software Tools

Pay Per head software tools are the key reason to switch to a cloud-based bookmaking business.

Ensuring the ability to set schedule limit overrides, manage live betting, manage an online casino, offering an online racebook, and updating player profiles and limits quickly, are all necessary to run a successful online bookmaking business.

That’s just some of the things that powerful PPH software tools provide.

Valuable Reports

Creating reports on excel sheets is what MBA students do. Their professors want them to know how to create reports that their bosses, C-level managers, need from them.

Online bookies are CEOs of their own companies. What that means is that they want access to valuable reports. They want to view valuable reports to make smart decisions about their businesses.

Layoff Account

A key aspect to run a smooth online bookie business is having access to a layoff account. A layoff account allows bookmakers the option of lay offing some dollars bet on one side of a spread.

For example, if a player had bet $5,000 on the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, a master agent could have laid off some of those dollars via his or her layoff account.

A layoff account is a key tool for agents to balance their books.

There are other features available in PayPerHead.com’s premium section that help bookmakers manage their businesses.

Bookies should consider becoming online bookies right now since PayPerHead is offering half-off their premium platform. The phone number is 888-978-0288.

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