3 Specific Analytical Features A Quality Pay Per Head Must Have

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When you were just starting this online bookie business, there is no doubt that you went round in search of the best pay per head online software, which you now use to make money.

However, did you ensure that it has essential analytical features a quality pay per head software should have? It is imperative that all pay per head software have these analytical features that will help your business grow.

Practical Weekly Reports

As an online entrepreneur, perhaps you are perplexed by some reports you need to compile at the end of the day, week, month or even at the end of the year.

However, because you have installed a pay per head software, you do not need to worry. A quality pay per head software should be able to help you compile necessary reports with ease.

With the help of this essential feature, you will be able to gather among other important details, the position of your business, daily or weekly agent balance, and weekly player balance.

This essential feature is of utmost importance when you get to know how your business is performing. A good pay per head software should be able to give you all the above information and others with ease.

Accurate Bet Insights

All the activities that take place on your site should be available when needed. A reputable pay per head software will give you bet-specific insights that at the end of the day help individual players to know how they need to play, how much is required and what they are likely to receive if they win.

Accurate betting information is also relevant to players. With this analytical feature, your clients will know whether they will benefit when placing their bets on specific lines, odds and such like information.

Among the specific information, this feature should be able to unearth include:

• Player activity

• Available lines

• Wagers

• Scores

• Wager tickets (this is specifically for live bets)

Player-Specific Insights

Having mentioned of bet particular information, it is reasonable that a premium pay per head software also provides player specific insight. It is at the end of this feature that a bettor, as well as the bookie, will access information such as

* Login history, which will show you all your wagering activity on the platform

* Any changes made during the time the player has been online

* Payment history (a player will get to understand how much they have spent on the platform, the amount that has been lost and most importantly what the player has won)

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