3 Price Per Head Questions Answered About Bitcoin Payment

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A bitcoin payment system on a sportsbook websites can attract new clients.

By attracting new clients with this innovative bitcoin payment program, online bookies can increase their profits immensely.

PayPerHead.com offers multiple payment options including bitcoin.

What is bitcoin?

Many price per head agents have heard of bitcoin and know it is a payment method, but those same agents aren't sure just what bitcoin is exactly.

In simple terms, bitcoin is a digital currency that can be bought, sold, and traded for goods and services.

Bitcoin is becoming the main payment method for those seeking to wager on sports, and that is way it is vital sportsbooks add a bitcoin payment system to their website.

Bitcoin offers a lot to customers who use the payment method. Firstly, it is extremely convenient and secure.

This keeps customers from worrying about having their information hacked liked some other third party payment systems have had done to them.

Next, bitcoin allows the customer to be anonymous, and their final information isn't connected to the transaction.

Finally, bitcoin has either no transaction fee or a minimal fee that is far less than other payment methods.

Despite the ease of using bitcoin, it has been around for less than 10 years, so there are still plenty of questions sportsbooks have about it.

Bitcoin FAQs

Q. Is bitcoin reliable or will it crash like hard currency in the bank?

  • The answer to this often asked question is: yes, bitcoin is reliable. Bitcoin does fluctuate, just like regular currencies.

But the biggest difference with bitcoin is that the currency doesn't move up or down once you have purchased it.

For example, if you buy $150 worth of bitcoins, the purchase won't change from the price it was on the day it was bought. So, the user will always have $150 in bitcoins.

Q. Is bitcoin really anonymous?

  • Yes, it is and the payment system does plenty to keep those using bitcoin from being linked to the final payment.

Firstly, bitcoin hides the IP address from which the payment originates from. Therefore, knowing the location from where the payment came from is impossible.

Secondly, a transaction isn't linked to a bitcoin user's personal information. Think of it as paying with cash at a shop, where they never ask for personal details in transactions.

Q. Will any bitcoin payment exchange service ask for personal details?

  • While a user's personal information is never shared, users will need to provide some details when signing up to a payment exchange service.

Exchange services will request users verify their identification by providing scanned copies of their IDs.

Some services will ask for additional information to verify a user is who they say they are.

Although users give personal details to the exchange service, it is impossible for information to be tied to the person and place it was sent from.

The bitcoin payment method makes life easy for sportsbooks and users interested in making wagers on their favorite sports games.

By accepting bitcoin, sportsbooks increase their ability to increase profits. Anonymous, secure and easy to use, bitcoin is the future of payments for sportsbooks.

Signing up with the right price per head partner will allow online bookies to have multiple payment options. Customers want convenience, allow for multiple payments and keep them betting.

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