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First it was Coach Prime, and now it's the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce romance...the gifts that just keep on giving (clicks).  And the odds are attracting plenty of action at BetOnline.

We found out late last night that Ms. Swift is going to be in person to watch her beau on Sunday Night Football as the Chiefs take on the Jets. Due to the matchup disparity (Chiefs -9.5), the excitement on the field is likely to be outdone by the action in the stands.

That said, has created a ton of fun prop bets for the occasion. Which T-Swizzle song will NBC play first? What color jersey will she be wearing? Will Cris Collinsworth or Mike Tirico utter the nicknames "Swelce" or "Traylor?"



Primary color of clothing covering Taylor Swift’s torso

Red +200

Gold +300

White +350

Other +250


What will happen first during broadcast?

Either team scores TD +550

Taylor Swift shown -1000


Will Taylor Swift be shown during first quarter?

Yes -200

No +150


Who will say “Taylor Swift” first?

Cris Collinsworth +110

Mike Tirico -150


Which will be said first by broadcast team?

Swelce +170

Traylor -250


Will Taylor Swift be shown live after Chiefs first TD?

Yes -250

No +170


Who will Taylor Swift be sitting next to?

Donna Kelce -200

Brittany Mahomes +200

Jason Kelce +1000


Which Taylor Swift song will broadcast play first?                    

Anti-Hero                                 +200

Shake It Off                               +300

Bad Blood                                 +500

I Knew You Were Trouble          +500

Blank Space                              +600

You Belong With Me                 +600

Look What You Made Me Do     +800

Cardigan                                   +1200


Travis Kelce Receiving Yards

Over/Under 75.5


Travis Kelce Receptions

Over/Under 75.5


Will Travis Kelce Score a TD?

Yes -145

No +105




What celebrity couple nickname with the Daily Mail use to describe Swift/Kelce?                   

Swelce              3/1

Taytray             4/1

Trift                  5/1

Tayce               6/1

Trayvis              6/1

Swiftis              8/1

Swivis               10/1

Taykel              10/1


When will Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift make first public kiss?            

After Oct. 31                 -500

On or Before Oct. 31     +300


Will Taylor Swift say Travis/Chiefs/Football in a song on next album?             

No                    -1000

Yes                   +550


Will Taylor Swift appear as guest on New Heights this season?            

No                    -300

Yes                   +200


Will Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift still be dating Week 1 of 2024 season?                     

No                    -150

Yes                   +110


Will Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift still be dating by Valentine's Day 2024?                   

No                    -140

Yes                   +100


Will Taylor Swift attend Super Bowl LVIII if Chiefs?                  

No                    -300

Yes                   +200

- BetOnline News Wire

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