Bet on Anheiser-Busch Stock: Bud Light Boycott Has BetOnline Customers Going Both Ways

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Conservatives are calling for a boycott against Bud Light in the wake of that brand joining forces with a trans influencer.  And now you can bet on the Anheiser-Busch share price at the end of April. Anheiser-Busch is the parent company of Bud Light.


The Bud Light Boycott Explained

Emily Stewart of Vox explained the controversy better than we can since we haven't really been paying too much attention, nor are any of us going to stop drinking Bud Light. My fridge is filled with it.

In early April, Bud Light sent an influencer named Dylan Mulvaney a handful of beers. Mulvaney, in turn, posted a video of herself dressed like Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, using said beers to celebrate both March Madness and her first year of womanhood. One of the cans featured her image. It was part of a paid sponsorship deal and promotion for some sort of sweepstakes challenge where people can win $15,000 from Bud Light by sending in videos of themselves carrying a lot of beers.

Next thing we know conservative rocker and one-time love interest of Pamela Anderson, Kid Rock, is uploading videos of himself shooting Bud Light beer cans and all hell breaks loose.

Kid Rock, we would note, rushed Pam out of a roast we attended for poker legend Doyle Brunson many years back because host Brad Garrett joked that Pam needed to get out from under the tables blowing all the guys.  Pam laughed along with the rest of us.  We were all sorry to see her leave.  Not him necessarily.


BetOnline Customers Divided

BetOnline customers have chimed in on where they believe the closing stock price for Anheiser Busch will land, Over or Under the 64.5.

JustCallMeJake is likely betting on the Under based on his tweet.

"On or around 4 May is when they report their earnings. That's when you'll see a move in one direction or the other. This one-year chart shows they're actually much closer to their high than the low of the last 12 months. Need to drive it into the red."

But BTBJesse says "lock in the over" as does Jordan: "gimme the over".

Sparky Must Be Looking Down Shaking His Head

Back when introduced a transgender character to the fold in the late 2000's, there were maybe three or four objections, and these were from folks who still refreshed the website every hour.  Everyone else embraced him.

Sadly, our beloved Sparky Collins (Angelo Cordero) passed away last week.  There's a GoFundMe set up for his funeral expense and to assist his family back in Cuba. 

This would be a good time to encourage our readers to give what they can to assist below.


- Jagajeet Chiba,

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