Top March Madness Raging Semis 2016 Team Predictions

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Matt Skinner
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Top March Madness Raging Semis 2016 Team Predictions

So here we are almost in the final phase of the 2016 NCAA March Madness Tournament and we’re looking for this year’s National Champion.

Even if you’re the best online bookie in the business, I’m guessing your bracket has at least one miss by now.

So we’re going over our current top team predictions for the raging semis so you can start suggesting bets to your players and planning out how to keep your book balanced in the chaos of March Madness.
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March Madness 2016: The Recap

Cinderella teams this year really made it tough on opponents (and bettors of course), changing the course of history in some cases.

Who would imagine #2 Michigan State to fall in the first round? Purdue? Baylor?

Well it happened and now we are looking at what might happen in this year's Final Four.

Surprises? Maybe.

Final Four Prediction: Kansas

As we check the bracket layout, Kansas seems to have it made to the Final Four - oh wait, they will have to face Miami or Villanova.

The point here is that Kansas has had it easy until even Maryland in their next game. Miami and Villanova are way different.

Ranked at #3 and #2 respectively they can give Kansas a headache. Still we think Kansas will get to the Final Four.

One down.

Final Four Prediction: Oregon

On the lower side of that bracket, Oregon, who we think will win it all, will take care of Duke and then the Sooners.

A lot of people will disagree on this perception, especially as Grayson Allen has been on fire lately.

Even if Duke pulls it off, they will face Oklahoma. Yes Oklahoma will beat Texas A&M hands down, even with the rivalry they have.

So in our perception it will come to that game, Oregon vs. OU. Oklahoma’s reliance on Buddy Hield for the first time will be a liability. Oregon has the power to neutralize Hield, and you bet they will try.

Oregon will move to the Final Four.

The other side of the bracket is where it gets more complicated.

Final Four Prediction: North Carolina

Indiana is a serious threat to North Carolina. And this could be the first #1 upset.

Or maybe not.

Interesting fact: North Carolina guard Marcus Paige has scored 1,776 points in his career as a Tar Heel. That is 13th most in program history and just 12 points shy of tying Michael Jordan for 12th in program history.

Paige can pass Jordan on the program’s career scoring list on Friday against Indiana in the Sweet 16. Jordan's final game as a Tar Heel came against the Hoosiers in the Sweet 16 in 1984.

Right below we have Notre Dame and Wisconsin. The Badgers are famous for their ability to play defense and not foul.

Wisconsin will have to be on its defensive game if it wants to get by Notre Dame. Still, the winner of this matchup will not have the poise to face the winner of the above bracket.

In our perspective, North Carolina will move to the Final Four.

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Final Four Prediction: Virginia

Next part of the bracket shows #1 Virginia and #4 Iowa State. This is going to be a close one.

Iowa State has the potential and players to give Virginia a real headache. Niang might have to work to have a good game if he's guarded by Malcom Brogdon, but if Niang gets to draw more than one defender then a guy like Matt Thomas could do some serious damage on the perimeter via the kick out.

This might come to the last team to have the ball at the end will win, sort of game.

Gonzaga vs. Syracuse starts the last bracket section to analyze. The Zags zone-shredding offense could spell trouble for the Orange, but also Syracuse's 2-3 defense has trampled plenty of past opponents.

Both teams are in great shape but it all points to Syracuse advancing, and that just places us in the predicament, Syracuse or Virginia?

We would have to say Virginia, though as mentioned before, the tournament is called March Madness for a reason.

So yes, it seems easy that we picked the top seeds to make the Final Four, but it all points to that result.

We had initially chose Kentucky to beat Indiana and then North Carolina, but that did not happen.

So reviewing all the points we do see all four #1 seeded teams as the Final Four in the 2016 March Madness NCAA Tournament.

-  Matt Skinner,

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