Rockets Embarrassed Can they make it A Series?

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James Harden is clearly the NBA regular season MVP but not in game three of the Western Conference Finals, nowhere near it with a paltry 20 points. Not all of the blame rests on Harden, he was not alone in the underachieving bandwagon. Ariza had 6, Tucker 6, Capela 13, and Paul 13. This game was nothing short of a disaster and even though the bench scored 24 points, the Rockets got an old fashioned butt kicking. This contest wasn’t even sort of close, it was never a contest as the Golden State Warriors made one of the biggest statements in NBA Championship history with a 41 point win.

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Stephen Curry finally broke out and we all knew he had to eventually. This was his game and nobody was going to take it away from him as he poured in 35 points and five three pointers. Steph went off in the third quarter with 18 points and he worked the crowd. The fans in Golden State can’t get enough.

We have said it before and it must be said again; Durant must be stopped. Let’s face the facts here, the Rockets can’t stop Kevin Durant, he is too good for them. The matchups play horribly or beautiful, whichever way you choose to see it.

For Golden State Sunday night’s win marked a 16 game winning streak in the playoffs at home. This is now the longest home playoff winning streak in the history of the NBA, breaking the Bulls prior record of 15.

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The Rockets “are who we thought they were” and Golden State has not let them, off the hook! Game one was an embarrassment enough, or at least one would have thought; guess not! The Rockets were pummeled in game one at home and then won game two in grand fashion.

The old saying goes, “all good things must end”, but not in this case, The Warriors look as if they flip a switch and its go time.  This team knows when it matters and they play like it.

Everyone, including the sports newsmakers of the world, never gave the Rockets a chance. Maybe it’s true. The Rockets have been good all year long and if you have followed them at all this season then you know what their capabilities are. Now, they are really not getting a chance, but do they have a chance, can they come back and make this a series?

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In order for the Rockets to make this a series, they must win game four and that will be a tremendous challenge. The Warriors don’t show any signs of letting Harden and the crew take down the 16 game winning streak and you can bet that the entire team will take this one personally. The Warriors will not allow the Rockets to come into their house and show them up. This is what one would think but one thing must not be forgotten, the Rockets have won in Golden State this season. They opened up in Oracle and they won the game 122-121. It was a great back and forth game with numerous lead changes but in the end, the Rocket were ready and the Warriors were not.

Game one didn’t matter, game four of the Western Conference Championship series does matter. The Rockets must get more out of their role players and Capela must step up. Harden may have only had 20 points but he is not the only man in Houston, he needs help.

This series could still be a good one. Look at the lines and odds closely and find a online bookmaker that’s competitive. There is still a chance and with Harden there is always a possibility.

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