Picking the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion: 10 Clues For Online Bookies

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The 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Season is right around the corner. Soon, per head agents and bookies are going to receive a lot of future bets on the 2017 NCAA Tournament winner.

See below for what clues college basketball future bettors look for when picking winners. To get even more tips and tricks for online bookies, see PayPerHead.com’s full library here,

1. Who’s the coach?

This is easily the biggest, most important, factor when it comes to teams winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. A coach that has shown a history of winning in March should get the benefit of the doubt.

 Online bookies must be aware that their players are going to jump on teams with winning coaches like Roy Williams at North Carolina, Bill Self at Kansas and Tom Izzo at Michigan State.

2. Is there a star player?

A star player is key. It helps to have 1 or 2 star players in order to win the NCAA Tournament. The only reason that Kansas won the title in 1988 is because of Danny Manning. Forget the fact that Larry Brown coached the team. Without Manning, Kansas may have not even made the tournament.

3.  How healthy is the team going into the NCAA Tournament?

Health is a huge factor. A teams’ star player or star players must be healthy going into the tournament. A team’s key player, usually a guard, must also be healthy going into the tournament.

4. Has the team been resilient during the season?

Losing and then coming back shows resiliency. Villanova did this in 2015 when they lost the Big East Tournament to Seton Hall.

After the first game in the NCAA Tournament, it was obvious that the Wildcats were playing on a different level than almost any other team in the tournament.

Pay per head agents should keep an eye on this clue. Big bets can arrive on resilient teams either  right before or during the 2016 NCAA Tournament Men’s Basketball Season. Online Bookies need to pay attention before it’s too late!

5. How consistent has the team been during the season?

How consistent was the team during the regular season? When the team lost, was there a reason?  Were there any spikes in a lack of defensive play that led to a lot of points?  If so, why? 

These are some of the questions that college basketball future bettors ask themselves before making wagers.

6. What’s the team’s record versus the best teams that it’s faced?

This is an important clue. Online bookies should know that a team’s record against its best competition is something that future bettors look to before making wagers.

7. Did the team traverse a tough schedule?

How tough was the team’s schedule?  One only need look to the 1991 UNLV Running Rebels. The Rebels went into the NCAA Tournament undefeated. In 1991, they faced Duke, a team they had beaten by 30 points in the 1990 championship game, in one of the Final Four Semifinals.

But, the Rebels didn’t face a team as good as Duke through the entire regular season. Duke won the game in one of the biggest upsets in NCAA Tournament history.

8. Can the team hit its free throws?

Free throw shooting is crucial. Online bookies and PPH agents should know who the better free throw shooting teams are in the NCAA Tournament.

9. Is the team deep enough to win the NCAA Tournament?

Depth plays an important role. Only one team has won the NCAA Tournament in the last 5 years that didn’t have a lot of depth. The team was Duke in 2015. What Duke had was 3 special players and Coach K.

10. A team’s specialty

Some teams are excellent on the defensive end. Other teams are great three-point shooting squads. Some teams have a player that no other team can stop. Some teams simply have a mystique about them.

It helps online bookies to know what their players are thinking when it comes to the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. For pay per head agents, understanding what teams their players are going to jump on is crucial to managing their books. To find more useful insight, look at PayPerHead.com’s full library here.

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