Online Bookie Lessons Learned from March Madness Statistics

Written by:
Matt Skinner
Published on:

Did you know that global betting for March Madness hovers around $12 billion every year?

That’s just one of the many statistics that show how much potential there is for online bookies to maximize profits and cash-in big.

For more industry info and even betting management tips, you can download this profit-boosting bookie blueprint for free.

But to get you players invested in the game, show them these impressive March Madness statistics and spread the betting hype.

The more excited and emotionally invested they are in the tournament, the more likely it is they’ll slip up and bet the wrong way - to your benefit, of course.

For more revenue-boosting online bookie tips, you can also use the new March Madness Bookie Blueprint from PayPerHead.com.

It’s full of advice and resources on how to maximize your profits during this busy betting season.

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