NCAAB Betting: Pay Attention to Line Movements in Your Sportsbook

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Huge line movement swings in college basketball can lead to some pro players taking advantage.

To prevent huge line movement swings in college hoop games, it’s important for online bookie agents to utilize available tools to manage the line movements.

How to Manage NCAAB Betting Line Movements

There are several ways to manage line movements on college basketball games. Below, check out some of the ways:

Getting ahead of line movement swings is the best way to ensure profit.

Schedule Limit Override

Set schedule limit overrides on all college basketball games – There’s a couple of ways to do this.

You can set schedule limit overrides on all college basketball games until about 2 hours before the game starts. By doing this, agents ensure that the line is set as close to true lines as possible.

The other way to utilize this tool is too simply set a schedule limit override on all college hoops betting lines 2 to 3 hours before the game starts.

By doing this, pay per head agents can see which college hoops games they might want to use their layoff accounts for.

With some practice, agents can become experts at using schedule limit overrides to manage college basketball line movements.

The Line Mover

In conjunction with overrides, per head agents can use the line mover to ensure pro players aren’t taking advantage. Most pro players won’t wager until 2 to 3, if not an hour, before the game starts.

All agents must do is change the betting lines from whatever it is to what it was originally before the schedule limit override expires. This could take some work.

However, this is your business. Working hard is what you’re supposed to do.

Just as a reminder, most pay per head companies offer a tool like the line mover with their premium packages.

Take Games Off The Board

This is the easiest way to ensure that pro players don’t take advantage of big line movement swings.

Should you really offer betting on Wichita State versus Mississippi Valley State? How about Arizona at Elon?

Not all college basketball games are worth offering betting lines for.

Just shut off betting on college hoops games that you aren’t comfortable accepting wagers for. This is your business.

As the online bookie agent, you have the right to do whatever you want with your business.

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