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The NBA Finals tipoff on June 1st, and the Golden State Warriors are the runaway favorites to win the series in basketball betting at odds –275.

The Cleveland Cavaliers (+190 to win the finals) may have punched their ticket to the finals by the time you read this, but at the time of writing, LeBron James and company are readying themselves for game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

So far, Golden State and Cleveland have dominated throughout the NBA Playoffs, and three players have risen to the occasion to practically carry their side onward.

This year's finals should showcase the three best players in the NBA, and those three are certainly favorites to be named finals NBA MVP.

NBA MVP – NBA Playoff Finals

Stephen Curry              +210

Online bookies should have Stephen Curry atop their finals MVP list. The Golden State guard is averaging 28.6 ppg, which leads the elite team that is the Warriors.

Curry also averages 5.6 assists a night, landing him second behind forward Draymond Green's 7.2.

Sportsbooks have Curry and teammate Kevin Durant level at +210, but without Curry pulling the strings, the rest of the team doesn't quite flow.

The Warriors are already in the finals series and have been waiting for their opponent for some time. The Warriors are 12-0 in the playoffs so far, and Curry is the main reason why the team has been unbeatable.

Right now, the safe money is on Curry, but with the others on this list playing so well, it is a very close race.

Kevin Durant               +210

Kevin Durant joined Golden State to win an NBA Championship, and he may just do that in his first season with the Warriors.

The difference between he and Curry, however, is the team played quite well without him at the end of the season. In fact, Golden State has made it to the finals in the last two seasons without him.

Durant is important to the Warriors, but he isn't Curry. He is averaging 25.2 ppg.

Leveraging Durant and his tied odds to Curry to basketball bettors, might make an online bookie or pay per head agents a little extra cash during the NBA MVP betting.

LeBron James             +260

LeBron James continues to show his is one of the greatest basketball players of all-time. Some have classed him above Michael Jordan after his NBA MVP finals performance last season.

And another championship and more fans could see him as the best ever.

The three-time NBA Finals MVP leads the Cavs in points per game in the playoffs with 32.3. James is also contributing 6.9 assists and 8.0 rebounds a game.

He is really doing it all for the Cavs. Overall, the team has been nearly as dominant as Golden State, but some may argue the team do not have the same number of weapons as the Warriors.

The lack of weapons could mean more responsibility falls onto James' shoulders. A pay per head agent would be very wise to schedule a limit override until Game 5 is decided. If Cavs clench, LeBron James odds may be very different.


Kyrie Irving      +1600

The NBA Finals MVP should land with one of the three already listed, but if there is a wildcard that will challenge the trio it could be Kyrie Irving.

The Cavs guard is averaging 24.6 ppg along with 5.5 assists. If he is going to become the finals NBA MVP, then Irving will have to outdo one of the league's three best players.

That is a task nearly as difficult as winning the NBA Finals.

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