NBA Championship Futures: Profitable Bets for Online Bookies

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C Costigan
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A crazy, wild, NBA offseason has many pay per head agents scrambling to manage NBA Championship Futures.

Check out the only teams capable of winning the 2017-2018 NBA Championship.

Golden State Warriors                -160

The Warriors repeating as NBA Champions, per their -160 odds, are a slam dunk. The only tool that per head agents should use when it comes to the Warriors are max betting limits.

$560 if you’re comfortable allowing that amount per client. $360 or $260 if you aren’t.

Cleveland Cavaliers                       +450

The Cavs traded Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas. Although Thomas’ hip injury could be a big problem for the Cavs, acquiring Jae Crowder might be more to Cleveland’s benefit. The Cavs have plenty of guys that can score.

Expect some pro bettors to see the trade as a positive. Set max betting limits on Cleveland at +450.

Boston Celtics                                +750

The Celtics have a very good basketball team led by Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. The nucleus is there for Boston to upset Cleveland in the NBA Eastern Conference.

If Boston were to get to the NBA Championship, per head agents never know what might happen.

Max betting limits are a must because like Cleveland, Boston could garner pro bettor action.

Eastern Conference NBA squads have a much easier time getting to the NBA Championship than Western Conference teams like Houston and San Antonio. The reason is because neither Boston nor Cleveland must face Golden State in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Houston Rockets              +900

It’s going to be difficult for many players, casual or pro, to lay off the Rockets at 9 to 1.

Sometimes, all it takes is for a single player on the right team to turn that team around. That could be the case in Houston where the Rockets signed future NBA Hall-of-Fame point-guard Chris Paul to play in the backcourt with the brilliant James Harden.

That’s 2 of the best playmakers in the backcourt at the same time. Both can shoot lights out from 3. Both can drive to the hoop and dish, or put the rock up for 2 points.

Max betting limits had better be in place on Houston at 9 to 1.

San Antonio Spurs                       +1200

The Spurs didn’t make any big enough changes to challenge either Golden State or Houston for the NBA Western Conference Championship. That makes the 12 to 1 odds less than what they should be.

If the odds float to 20 to 1, some pro players are going to pounce on San Antonio.

Still, it makes no sense not to set max betting limits on San Antonio at 12 to 1. This is especially true since the payout at $200 is $2,400.

Who knows? Golden State could lose Kevin Durant or Steph Curry for the season. Houston could lose Chris Paul or James Harden for the season.


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