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Indiana is a big College Basketball state and Purdue will come into this year's March Madness frenzy among the top five teams in the nation. Notre Dame is among the top 25 teams as well. There is also plenty of love for the game in neighboring Illinois.  March Madness office pool software will be in high demand in these two states.

CustomPools.com - The free version of this software offers top functionality but features odds whereas the webmaster version incorporates your own logos and banners.  It is fully automated with no need for registration.   The webmaster version is just $90 and allows entries to be submitted right up to the start of the first game in the tournament.  The pool will automatically display the actual tournament match ups within 5-10 minutes of the selection committees announcement.  Other features include:

  • Printable entry form.
  • Printable copy of each partcipant's picks.
  • Printable matrix of all entries.
  • One-click access to view all current entries in the pool.
  • One-click access to view the latest results of the pool.
  • One-click access to view all previous results.
  • One-click access to view up to date standings in leaderboard format.
  • One-click access to view each individual entrant's picks.
  • One-click access to view results entered to date.

PricePerPlayer.com - While not an office pool software per se, PricePerPlayer.com offers a full service online sportsbook for wagering purposes whereby administrators act as bookies or agents and pay a set fee per player (a FREE TEST DRIVE at PricePerPlayer.com).  The platform allows individuals to place money line bets (on team to win outright), spread bets and futures (team to win the Championship).  While payouts could prove lucrative and players will likely continue taking advantage long beyond the conclusion of March Madness, administrators will typically come out well on top as "the house always wins" applies here.  The software company (known as a Pay Per Head) manages and does all the leg work, including the ability to communicate with clients 24/7 both online and via the phone.  Administrators only job is to ensure their players are paid in a timely fashion.  PricePerPlayer.com allows the option of providing cryptocurrency payment and deposit transactions to the point where an administrator's primary focus will be on attracting more players and counting the money as it rolls in.  This particular platform allows clients to place bets on games LIVE IN-PLAY right up to the final second (i.e. which team will score next, etc..). Mobile platform available in addition to an online casino.

TheBigTourney - With THE BIG TOURNEY you get an award-winning bracket manager pool software that will run your march madness bracket pool with automated/live updates and a lot of happy customers.  No spam or advertisements!  $18.95 for up to 300 entrants!  That's it! No other costs.  They make your site clean and professional with a splash page. 

Features include the following:

Plain and Simple:
 Features Include:
        - Point/Click Bracket Entry
        - Sizes itself to work great on all devices: phones, tablets and computers
        - Automated Results Calculation
        - Versatile Scoring Options
        - Live Games ticker
        - Email Round by Round or Daily Updates
        - Brand the site to your organization/business (Commercial)
        - Customize Banners/Text (Individual Only)
        - No Banner Ads or Registrations (or SPAMMING emails)
        - Printable Brackets/Entries
        - Editable Picks
        - Playin Games are counted as one entry in the 64, allowing a bigger window for tourney entry!
        - Track Monies Paid (Individual Only)
        - Only you collect data from your league entrants.
        - Multiple Result Options:
              - Region Report
              - Round Report
              - Underdog Report
              - Teams Left Report
              - NCAA Results
              - Choice Compilations

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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