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The long-awaited March Madness has opened up but with a shocking price per head upset that is likely to give the Selection Committee a hard task.

NCCA is faced with a great challenge, what many people are now terming the early Monday quarterbacks’, a situation which will definitely prove challenging to the committee thanks to what the teams have started showing.

On what has been seen by many pay per head online bookie software operators, Wisconsin that are placed on No.8 shocked those who had placed their money on the champions.

Although there were early signs that the Badgers would do something, not many people though that the something would entail the burying’ Villanovas’ optimism in the deepest grave.

The Wildcats conceded an early defeat following a spectacular display of a world-class match, the kind that has never been attracted a lot of activity among PPH clients thus enriching those who have invested in online bookie software.

Following the weekend’s game, a section of industry observers agree that this year’s March Madness will experience is bound to change how many will view the session forever. Things will never be the same again, particularly to those that offer sportbook software solutions.

After the weekend’s match, the March Madness has entered its most interesting part, the Sweet 16.

It was thrilling to see how Wisconsin, who before the match held position 8 thrashed defending champions, a scenario that allowed bettors who had used skill and wit to make a lot of cash.

Of course this was the case with online wagering investors especially those that have moved their clients online thanks to the easy-to-manage Pay Per Head software.

Shortly after reaching Sweet 16, Matt Painter, the Purdue coach said in ecstasy, “Many people have never thought our league would be fun and enjoyable. It’s difficult to think that you really understand basketball when you place Wisconsin at No. 8. You don’t.”

No. 8 defeating defending champions Villa was not the only shocking thing that is giving NCAA headache. There is yet another shocker you might relate to; Duke, who are placed on position 2 losing to South Carolina that are placed on position 7!

Known as the Vegas favorites courtesy of public opinion, the Blue Devils did not fend off Gamecocks. That, however, is a reason to smile for the bookmakers who embrace PPH software.

2017 March Madness Shocker

History has not seen what the 2017 has for the Sweet 16, the category having only Pac-12, Big Ten and SEC.

However, with the shockers, bookmakers who have invested in pay per head software together with a section of online bettors are smiling.

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