How To Use TV Listings To Increase March Madness Betting

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Are TV listings important to an online bookies attempt to increase March Madness betting?

The answer is, “yes”, TV listings are important. Heck, the true answer is “Yes!”

TV listings are important.Why? Keep reading to find out!

How to Use TV Listings to Increase March Madness Betting

There are numerous ways to increase March Madness betting via TV listings, offered right on your dashboard with PayPerHead.com’s Prime Package.

Below, are four of the most popular. All per head agents can do the following four things to increase March Madness betting.

1. Promote parlay blocks of games 

This might be the most popular way to increase action. CBS, and CBS affiliated networks like truTV, TBS, and TNT, broadcast blocks of NCAA games.

Per head agents can promote those blocks of NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament games by offering parlay promotions on just those blocks.

2. Promote relevant cross-sports parlays

Promoting all North Carolina squad weekend games, along with the winner in this Sunday’s NASCAR race, in a single parlay might also be a way to drum up mass amounts of action.

As always online bookie agents must attach an incentive to encourage wagers on promoted parlays.

Use TV listings to find out when this Sunday’s NASCAR race takes place.

3. TV listings promotions that are relevant to a per head agent’s sportsbook

It makes no sense to promote the Arkansas Razorbacks Round 2 NCAA college hoops tourney game to sports bettors that live in California.

Now, promoting Arizona’s Round 2 NCAA Game to sports bettors that live in California is relevant. Why? Sports bettors who live in California pay attention to Pac-12 college basketball games. 

Arizona plays in the Pac-12.

4. Always try to promote CBS nationally televised games 

Always promote CBS nationally televised games for March Madness betting. It’s important to note that not every sports bettor watches every NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

First, they’ll try to catch the game that’s most relevant to them. Duke fans will want to watch Duke play.

Second, casual bettors at least, will watch the games that are most accessible to them. Those are the games on CBS and TNT. Those won’t be the games on truTV or TBS.

There’s another way to use TV listings to promote games for casual bettors. Just send out an email blast about which games are on which CBS affiliated networks at which times.

Simply alerting sports bettors to when games and on what channel they’ll air should increase action.   

Get TV Listings With Your Sportsbook

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