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If you and your buddies are looking to do more than just enter an office pool this March Madness season, consider running an online sportsbook software platform to take bets among friends or colleagues and help boost your odds and fortune.

PremierPerHead is among the leaders in the Pay Per Head industry and they are currently offering two free weeks to test drive their product.  What better time to get more bang for your buck than during the height of March Madness.

The Premier Per Head sportsbook software is easy to use, customizable, and is the best mobile pay per head sports bookie software in the business. It includes dozens of security measures, including full system and database redundancy.

As far as your customers are concerned, they are going to log in and find an interface that will allow them to find the menu of wagers very easily and be able to place wagers without any headaches. The websites are specifically designed by Premier to download easily and navigate simply. So you are not going to have any problems with your clients getting “shut out” of the action.'s sofware is an excellent complimentary product for sports handicappers as well.

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Bookies vs. Bettors - Rockets vs. Warriors Game 3

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