Daily Fantasy NBA Player Value Watch – March 14

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Mary Montgomery
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Daily Fantasy NBA Player Value Watch – March 14

Gambling911.com has your daily fantasy NBA player watch for the upcoming days.  This is an easy to follow analysis broken down by alphabetical player order and date.

Who to Consider Daily:

March 14 – DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, David West, Roy Hibbert, Bradley Beal, Joe Johnson

March 15 - Aaron Brooks

March 18 – Rudy Gay, Elfrid Payton

March 20 – DeMarcus Cousins, Bradley Beal, Aaron Brooks, Gerald Henderson

March 22 - Gerald Henderson, Nikola Vucevic

March 23 – Bradley Beal, Nikola Mirotic

DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento - C) $9.5K - DeMarcus Cousins went well over value the last time he faced the Wizards.  He also managed to make value last time he faced the Hornets but he probably shouldn’t be the first consideration on this day unless value is limited elsewhere.

Rudy Gay (Sacramento - SF) $7.2K - Gay should offer great value against the Clippers.  LA ranks 29th against small forwards this season.

David West (Indiana - PF) $5.6K – Boston is allowing the 4th more fantasy points to opposing small forwards. 

Roy Hibbert (Indiana - C) $4.8K – Boston has ranked 21st against centers this season.  Hibbert scored over 45 fantasy points versus Boston the last time he faced them.  He suffered an elbow injury against Orlando the other night but was expected to play against Boston Saturday.  Hibbert last made value on March 1 versus the Sixers.

Bradley Beal (Washington - SG) $5.9K – Sacramento ranks dead last versus shooting guards.  Beal did make value the last time he faced off against the Kings.  Beal is currently overpriced and has not made value in weeks.

The Clippers have also struggled against shooting guards.  Beal scores over 40 fantasy points the last time he faced them.

Joe Johnson (Brooklyn - SG) $6.1K - The Sixers have allowed the 2nd most fantasy points to opposing shooting guards this season.  Johnson has not made value in some time though and should only be considered as a last resort.

Aaron Brooks (Chicago - PG) $4.9K - He accumulated over 30 fantasy points versus a solid Charlotte team the other night.  Against Philadelphia before that one he scored 31 baskets. Brooks only needs around 25 fantasy points to make value.

Toronto is coming up and the Raptors have allowed the 11th most fantasy points to opposing point guards.  Brooks scored 17 baskets off the bench the last time he faced Toronto.  He also had two each an assist and rebound along with a steal and block.

Nikola Mirotic - (Chicago - PF) $7.6K - Charlotte is looming large on the 23rd.  Mirotic just made value against the Hornets coming off the bench.  It helps that they have struggled against power forwards of late.  He easily made value as a starter against Philadelphia in his previous game.

Gerald Henderson (Charlotte - SG) $5.1K - Needing only 25 fantasy points to make value, Henderson just lit it up against the Bulls, accumulating 30 plus fantasy points.  The Clippers have struggled against shooting guards of late though Henderson struggled against LA the last time he faced them. 

A better option is using Henderson against Sacramento, a team that ranks dead last against shooting guards.  He flirted with 40 fantasy points the last time facing Sacramento. 

Minnesota gives up the 8th most fantasy points allowed to opposing shooting guards.  He reached value last time facing the T-Wolves. 

Elfrid Payton (Orlando - PG) $5.8K - Needing roughly 29 fantasy points, Payton topped 35 the other night versus Boston and came close to making value versus Milwaukee in the previous game.  Most telling of all perhaps is that Payton was able to hold his own against Indiana a few nights ago.

Dallas has struggled against point guards though Payton did not fare well versus the Mavs when he last faced them.  Use only as a last alternative in this matchup.

Nikola Vucevic (Orlando - C) $8.7K - Denver is coming up and they have permitted the 2nd most fantasy points to opposing centers. The last time he faced the Nuggets, Vucevic tallied up just over 35 fantasy points.  He only needs that amount to make value and is very likely to do so.

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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