Bookie vs. Bettor - Celtics-76ers, Raptos-Cavs

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It's been tough picking sides in the NBA as there has been regular conflict between what we are seeing wagered at the recreational sites vs. a few of the sharper sites.

Case in point: Philadelphia was seeing greater than 80 percent of the bets Monday at one recreational website we monitor.  But it was the Celtics that were seeing the most volume at one of the sharper sites that we monitor.

The situation was similar in the Raptors-Cavs game, though this game was not as lopsided in terms of action.

Philadelphia was at -6, Cleveland at -5.

Boston could sweep Philadelphia with a win Monday night while Cleveland can do the same against the Raptors.

We are sitting on the sidelines until something better comes along and it is suggested you do the same.  Discipline is what wins in the world of sports betting.

- Tony Caliente,

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