Bookie vs. Bettor - 76ers vs. Celtics Game 1 2018 NBA Playoffs

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Action should be brisk on this NBA Playoffs Game 1 between the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics.

With Boston suffering from the injury bug, Philadelphia was coming in as the -3.5 road favorite here.

The NBA Betting Power Ratings do indicate that it is Boston that should be at -2.5.  By now, the injuries should be reflected in the Power Ratings, so there is definitely an overlay here.

Boston has also won eight of the last ten in this series.

This one could go either way, however, as action was lopsided on either the 76ers or Celtics depending on the book.  For example, some of the more recreational sportsbooks were showing more action on Boston.  The sharper books were seeing more action on Philadelphia.

The line movement has been -2.5 to as high as -4 and it appears, once on the 4, the Celtics were seeing more action.  That is a bit of a hint that books fear a 76ers cover.

We will avoid a play on this game today.

- Tony Caliente, Gambling911.com

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