Bookie Tips: Increase Betting With This Week's Cross-Sport Parlays

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It’s time to consider this weekend’s best games for an online bookie friendly cross-sport parlay. It’s All-Star Weekend in the NBA.

That means no NBA games, not even the All-Star NBA Game, should be a part of any cross-sport parlays.

The goal, as always, is to offer matchups that are difficult to hit. Make sports bettors earn it. Remember, all per head agents should offer higher odds than normal on a 4-team cross-sport parlay.

All games on this list take place on Saturday, Feb. 17.

NCAA Men’s Basketball

Texas at #23 Oklahoma

Oklahoma hasn’t been that great at covering spreads this season. Texas might have the best player on the court in big man Mohamed Bamba. This game could go either way against the spread.

That’s especially true because with Trae Young playing for Oklahoma, the spread could be much higher than it should.

Notre Dame at Boston College

Notre Dame travels to Boston College in a game that will be much closer than many believe it will be. Neither the Irish, nor the Eagles, are all that good this season.

That means here’s another difficult college basketball handicapping match up.

Notre Dame beat BC 96 to 85 the last time these two battled. That game took place at Notre Dame. ACC teams play much better at home, for the most part, than they do on the road.

Missouri at LSU

Missouri’s a decent basketball team. LSU gets the Tigers at home, though. Could Missouri upset LSU on the road?

I’m not so sure. The battle between the Tigers could be one that leads to plenty of parlay losses in every per head agent’s sportsbook. Mizzou has a winning record.

That means they should be favored over LSU in this game.

Iowa State at Kansas State

The betting line should be out of control when Iowa State heads to Kansas State to battle the Wildcats. K-State, at 18 and 8, has a shot to make it to the NCAA Tournament.

Kansas State beat Iowa State 91 to 75 when these two teams battled on Dec. 29, 2017.

Iowa State is much better now than they were then. The Cyclones lost by only 6 to Kansas in a game last week. They beat Oklahoma straight up 88 to 80. This is a sneaky tough game to handicap.

Don’t forget that March Madness is right around the corner, use cross-sport parlays to excite your bettors and get them back on College hoops. 

Get PayPerHead’s Prime Package deal for March Madness, for just $6.50 per head, online bookie agents will have the right tools to reap the rewards of the Tournament.

NHL Matchups For Cross-Sport Parlays

Anaheim at Minnesota

Detroit at Nashville

Toronto at Pittsburgh

As always, the above NHL teams should be awfully difficult to handicap. Anaheim at Minnesota is a toss-up. Detroit at Nashville doesn’t look like a toss-up. Nashville should demolish Detroit, right?

The Red Wings are better than many sports bettors think they are. Toronto at Pittsburgh could be a preview of this season’s Eastern Conference Finals.

Pitt has that look of a squad that’s getting it together.

Don’t let your sportsbook take a hit now that Super Bowl is wrapped up. Get players excited with cross-sport parlays, and have the right tools to protect your profit.

Get more tips and the right tools for your sportsbook with PayPerHead.com.

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