Bet on the Butler vs. Villanova Game - Bookie Line Analysis

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Feb/10/2018 bookmaking expert Tony Caliente looks at the Butler vs. Villanova game Saturday, what the line is versus what the line should be.

The red hot Wildcats (22-2, 9-2 Big East) were stunned 79-75 by visiting St. John's on Wednesday night.

The line on this game was coming in at Wildcats -10.5, which is right on the money according to the College Basketball Betting Power Ratings.

This line has moved between -10 and -10.5. 

Approximately 65% of the action was on the underdog here.  In fact, Butler was the most wagered on side in College Basketball coming into Saturday's game.

This one looks like the Wildcats should be able to cover.  I'm thinking by 11 points but that stinging loss and Villanova's desire to avenge past losses against the Bulldogs adds a good two to three point cushion beyond that 10.5 threshold.  Butler winning the last three in this series will encourage more action by the betting public.

The Wildcats are 43-21 Against The Spread in their last 64 games following a ATS loss.

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